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Rochel Gluck - New York  --  4/29/2010

An update to my Adler roots from Oradea. I was part of a group that transcribed newly restored Oradea jewish records for JewishGen. They are not yet posted by will be soon. I was able to find my Grandfather's( Moritz Adler) birth record and a marriage record for his brother Samuel Adler (born abt 1852 in Oradea). Samuel married Bertha Jakobi in 1879 in Oradea. If anyone is related to Samuel or Bertha, please contact me.

In addition, if someone wants me to look a particular surname in the some 13000 records I have, I will be glad to search for them.

Roger Adler
San Antonio, Texas

debbie cuby nee weinberg -
london uk
 --  4/29/2010

Debbie Rosenberg - Teaneck,New Jersey.U.S.A.  
you wrote some years back about a Gershon Schwartz from Ermahaylfova (excuse the sp). My grandmother Ester Mark nee Schwartz was from there and her father Nachum Schwartz and mother rita schwartz and 7 siblings all perished. My grandmother and her sister rivka (pichu) katz survived. Was wondering whether Gershon had any brothers/cousins that you know of?

Ms Ildiko Sztraka -
USA-Los Angeles
 --  4/27/2010

I am seeking any information Abraham Deutch DOB: 1931  " Vizsnic" Oradea. His mother born in Vienna Malka Kutz ? His Father Menashe Deutch died in Russia Camp They are lived in Galati ( Galac )

Thank You !!

Mauro Gertner -
săo paulo, sp, Brazil
 --  4/26/2010

Someone is looking for relatives from Gertner family, mainly Marton, my father, who was born in oradea in Romenia.
If you confirm that the person or the same family you are looking for, please, write to mauro.gertner@gmail.com

thank you

Fischer Imre and Erzébet Herczeg's son, Ladislau -
 --  4/2/2010

I am seeking information

Rochel Gluck -
New York
 --  1/21/2010

Hello! I am trying to help a friend find information about his family, called FISCHER; His grandfather ‘s name was Imre (Emeric) Fischer, he was doctor in Oradea at about 1900-1909. He got married with Margareta Elisabeta Herczeg  (née en 1888) and they had two children: Lilli and Ladislau, my friend’s father, born in 1911. Imre Fischer had a second wife, Erzebet Varnai (born Weisz) , they had a girl called Judit. Erzébet Varnai still lived in 1939 in Oradea (Cosbuc Street, n°5), she was already a widow, she died in Auschwitz. Do you know anything about Fischer family?  Do you know if there are any archives concerning deportees from Oradea?

Thank you so much,
Koszonom szépen,

Nyaradi Mari

Paulabeth Weinberger -
Atlanta, GA USA
 --  3/23/2010

I saw you mentioned a Jakob Weinberger in the history of the Oradea Jewish Community... my great-grandfather's name was Jakob Weinberger. Do you have any more information on him or his family so I can see if he's the correct person?

gammannby33@gmail.com -
Lucern, Switzerland
 --  3/23/2010

looking for my grandfather Josef Karpeles(z) whose son Artur Karpeles is my father. He (my grandfather was maried to Gisela Weisz and left family around 1923 ....heading to ???

thank you in advance for any possible information

Ilana Roth -
Kiriat Bialik, Israel-
 --  3/17/2010

My family and I, made Aliya in1962 from Nagyvarad. I am looking for my best friend from Nagyvarad, Judit Berner, (her father's name was Dezso, and she has a sister Zsuzsi) After our arrival to Israel, we continued writing to each other for a certain period, but then the correspondence stopped, because  they left Nagyvarad too. If anybody knows the whereabouts of this family, please let me know, I would very much like to renew the contact:
My phone No. is: 972-4-8728134
e-mail: ilir@013net.net.

Cassie Hambleton -
 --  3/8/2010

Shalom, I am searching for any relatives from Waldhutten Transylvania with the surnames Kascher, or Binder. It is very important to find out my family history. My immediate relatives immigrated in late 1800's and the last survivor of the family died two years ago. They were all raised Catholic/Protestant. I am most interested in my Jewish family lineage. Can you help?

Schwartz Itchak (Tamas) -
 --  2/27/2010

Hi i was born in Oradea 1946 in the Rimanocy Utca now Josif Vulcan.Left to Israel in 1961 and still living here.Lost connection with my friends and would love to reconnect with them ,my closest friends where Silberman Imre and Catz Ivan(Moshe).I have visited several times over the years in Oradea and visited my old school to Gojdu.Not much was changed there over the years.Im going to travel to Oradea for ancestors search not having the sligthest idea about their name or whereabouts.If anyone would like to contact me here is my email addy.

eti shitrit -
Sderot, Israel
 --  2/22/2010

hello, I wanna find out if after the Holocaust there are any of Rubinshtayn famely that leaved in Oradea alive. I know my parents leaved there before the war and their famely members were killed at the Geto . If there are any Rubinshtain that read this letter, Iwould like to contect you. My email is etgar1960@hotmail.com

jacov fauster -
 --  2/12/2010

hay,i was born in oradea 1949 left to israel 1962.living know in el salvador.since then i was three times in oradea,recently this month.i didn,t know that you still have a jewish community,and activities.i will like to receive,if possibly,from time to time news.

jacov fauster

suzsi ( Susan) Gluck Feuerstein -
New York Queens
 --  2/9/2010

I am searching for IZAK KATHY whos father name was Zoly he was my father's best friend.  
LEA FRANK, BERMAN OTTO, SCHWARTZ YUTKA, HAGER ERICA, STEIER TOMY AND HIS COUSIN JUDITH I know that Tomy is a dentist in Israel.  my e-mail is: mamba18@msn.com  My skype name is SUSAN GLUCK FEUERSTEIN  
my cell # 917 349-4978 Home 718 820-1999

Rochel Gluck -
New York
 --  1/21/2010

I am seeking information and relatives of the following; Mirl Markowitz (previously Friedman), her first husband Alexander Zisha Friedman, they lived in Oradea. Mirl perished in the Holocaust, her first husband should be buried in or close to Oradea. I would love to get his burial place too. Her second husband Josef Markowitz. Their son Elyah Friedman, his wife Faige nee Tesler, they lived in Marghita.

Mirl's  parents Elya and Perl Leitman living probably in Szantjob. I will be grateful for any tidbit of info or connection I will get.

Arie Ervin Goldstein -
Herzelia ,Israel
 --  1/3/2010

I was born in Oradea on 1930 and reside in Israel. My Grandfather was Heman A Stern, daughter Gladis Reich and son Imre. I would like to know if any of them are buried in Oradea cemetery


Suzy Peltz -
Milwaukee, WI America
 --  1/2/2010

I am still looking for any link to my mother's family from Oradea. She was Rozie Abraham. Parents: Esther & Bernard Abraham

You may contact me at:

Steven Vajda -
Miami, Florida USA
 --  12/25/2009

I am the grandson of Margarit Heller born in Nagyvarad (Oradea) around 1880.  She had 8 sisters. She was Jewish but was educated at a Catholic day school. The family was in the brandy/liquor distillery business. She married in Budapest and emigrated to the USA in the early-1900s.

Is there any record of her family?

Naftaly Eva - Jerusalem, Israel  --  11/4/2009

born in Oradea as Gelberg Eva ,live in Israel since 1961 hoping to find some information about my 2 brothers Gelberg Tibor born in 1938 and Gelbrg Pal born in1942 who were taken with their mother Fridlender Margit to the concentration camps and never return

please contact me to

László Váradi -
Budapest, Hungary
 --  10/29/2009

Dear Sirs! I need the e-mail adress for Maria Zintz. I hope you know her. She wrote a book about the painters in Oradea/ Nagyvárad 1850-1950. and another one about jews there. I should like to show her my picture from a painters in Oradea/ Nagyvárad in 30-40's ages. Please help me! We can't recognize the author. Best Regard, László, budabest@index.hu

Davidovics -
Chicago, IL, USA
 --  10/7/2009

Any information on survivors of the Davidovics family please contact me.


Grandmother Rozsie (Rose) Davidovics is a concentration camp survivor.

Simonne -
 --  8/17/2009

Hi, my sister and I are searching for our maternal Grandmother Yolan Stern who was in Budapest in 1943 and gave her newborn baby to a nurse at the Jewish Hospital to be saved. Does anyone know if the Yolan Stern referred to on the list could be her or anything about the Stern family from Oradea? We are desperate to find out our mother's identity and what happened to her family.

Please email srtaub@iprimus.com.au

Esther Kiselstein - Israel, Mevasseret Zion  --  8/4/2009

Hello, My name is Esther Kiselstein and i liked to know if someone from the ora dea community can check for me if grandparents are buried in the cemetery in oradea.
Their names are: Mordechai Malik, Esther Weig

Thank you for your time.
This is my email : kiselstein@gmail.com

Miriam Lampel(Marta Kupferstein) -
Israel, Rishon Lezion
 --  8/2/2009

From Oradea, in Israel since 1961.If you remember me please contact by email "mi888888@bezeqint.net"

Biblioteca Judeteana Gheorghe Sincai -
Oradea Romania
 --  7/16/2009

“Gheorghe Sincai” Library, from Bihor Oradea, will unfold in October 2009 a photography exhibition which would commemorate the cultural heritage left into the memory of our city by the important and prosperous Jewish community in the years prior to WWII. This moment is highly symbolic: 1944-2009. It represents the passing of 65 years since the closing of the Oradea ghetto and the departure of its inhabitants to a destination with no return.

The exhibition aims to evoke through photos and a multimedia application what our city has earned and, subsequently lost, in culture, architecture and social ambiance when nearly a third of its population disappeared in the summer of 1944.

To complete this project, our library wills to appeal to everyone who wants to join this initiative by providing, exclusively for scanning, photo materials from the pre-1944 era, which are related to any aspect of life of the Jewish community from Oradea. Any materials are welcomed, as long as the owner can provide a relatively accurate description of its content.

We admit that this project might never succeed in providing a complete overview of the Jewish community’s pre-war lifestyle, but in order to honor the memory of those who were killed, this project is extremely necessary to us as a community.

If you find this project interesting and want to help, by any means, please write (in Romanian, Hungarian, English or French) to the following e-mail address: bibliobihor@yahoo.com  

Thank you

Emeric(Imre) Silbermann -
Miami, Florida USA
 --  7/7/2009

I was born in 1946 in Oradea and emigrated to Caracas, Venezuela in 1964, later in 1995 moved to Miami, USA, my wife's name is Mery Roffe de Silberman we have 3 children Aaron, Alan and Elizabeth if someone remembers me and wants to contact here is my email address emeric@picassoemb.com.

Ed Berkowitz -
Palo Alto, CA
 --  6/27/2009

A great-Uncle (Markus berkowitz) resided in Galszecs. A daughter born Jan, 1889 (mother = Sali ) was HANI (Hannah?) and was a concentration camp survivor. Married ? name, unknown. Emigrated to Israel, apparently. If any of these facts suggest a connection, please let me know. email: cptphys@hotmail.com

Eti Shitrit -
Sederot, Israel
 --  6/25/2009

My family from Oradea, my father name is Ludwig Rubinstein (year of born 1925). My grandfather name is Ester Nemeth. I have many questions about them. For example: Where they were during the 1940 to 1945 year

Thank you very much

Catalina Ficut -
Oradea Romania
 --  6/21/2009

Dear Sir/Madame,

My name is Catalina-Mihaela Ficut, and I am a student at the University of Oradea (but present at Aarhus University-Denmark with a scholarship). I am very interested in the Jewish Community from Oradea and I was wondering if it would be possible to be a volunteer at your Community, because I would like to find more things about the Jewish People in general. Here in Denmark I had to write a paper on the History of Shanghai (China) and I made some researches about the Jews who went there between 1938-1942, and even before that in high school (Liceul Teoretic "Aurel Lazar" - Oradea) I had a course in the "Holocaust History" and since then I have an interest in the Jewish Culture. If you could help me, please contact me at. cata_ficut@hotmail.com

In 2 weeks I will be back in Oradea so I can easily go to where your community is.

Thank you, Sincerely,


George S. Goldberger -
New York, NY, USA
 --  6/17/2009

Hello out there. I was born in Oradea in 1947, went to Gojdu, and emigrated to the United States via Vienna in 1962. My friends used to call me Goli, short for Goldberger (Gyuri). We lived on Breiner Bela street, now Ady Endre street, I believe. My parents were Manci and Laci. In the 1990s, after the wall came down, I did quite a bit of business in Romania, with an office in Bucharest. Now I have a company in the biotech field, U.S.-based. If you remember me, I would love to hear from you. George (Gyuri)

Lipe Pfeifer -
New York
 --  6/17/2009

My grandfather, Moris (Moshe) Goldenberg was born in Romania about 1890 - 1900. He married Roza Mihaly (Pfeifer) in 1920 in Hungary and his son Mordechai (jyorge) was born in 1921. He was taken from Hungary by authorities in 1922 and was never heard of again. Any leads will be very helpful and appreciated. lipe.


Ety Shitrit -
 --  6/12/2009

hello, I wanna find out if after the Holocaust there are any of Rubinshtayn famely that leaved in Oradea alive. I know my parents leaved there before the war and their famely members were killed at the Geto . If there are any Rubinshtain that read this letter, Iwould like to contect you. My email is eud@012.net.il

Joseph Vonblon -
Vienna Austria
 --  6/11/2009

Dear members of the jewish community in Oradea, i am working on a recherche of jewish persons emigrating to argentina in 1938. it would be very helpful to get informations about the following person:

Bela Szekely:
geb. 1.7.1892 (1. 6. 1891??) in Beclean bzw. Bethlen Ungarn (Transsylvanien) bis gest. 9.11.1955 (Chascomus, Argentinien)
Studierte Psychologie in Hamburg, Wien und Budapest. Praxis in Budapest zwischen 1935 und 1937
Auschwitz – Flucht nach Argentinien 1938
1941 Gründung des ,,lnstituto Sigmund Freud" in Buenos Aires durch Bela Szekely.

Startete seine Karriere in Oradea
Gründer (mit Ernö Marton) von Uj Kelet (New East) in Cluj
Editor von Keleti Ujsag (Eastern Journal) & 5 Oraj Ujsag (Five o´clock Journal) in Cluj
Leading Figure of the Transylvanian Jewish Nationalist Association & of the pro Palestine Association of Jews in Hungary (1926)
Founder of AVIVA Girls Movement – 1920 ……….

looking forward to hear from you, with best regards,
joseph vonblon


rena herskowitz - cedarhurst,ny 11516  --  6/8/2009

hello, my 6th grade daughter is doing a research report on Grosswerdein where her grandmother whom she was named after was born. Mindy Herskowitz. We are looking for images of people living in the town from 1700s-1900's. Any pictures would be a great help. Many thanks!

Hungarian Representative of the “Jewish Telegraphic Agency”

Founder & Secretary to the federation of minority journalists of Ardeal-Banat

Celia Lindenfeld Leykin -
Staten Island, New York 10314
 --  6/5/2009

I am looking for any relatives of my father John Lindenfeld who lived in Oradea His brother was Shandor, and his sisters names were, Regina, Hannah, and Birtha. Thank you Celia Lindenfeld Leykin my e-mail address. is www.celiastudio@aol.com

Agi Szender Vago -
New York
 --  5/29/2009

I got verry excited when i saw this webbsite,i would like to reconect with some of you .If you remember me please wirte to :vagoandagi@yahoo.com Hope to hear from you love,Agi

Yossi Knirsh -
Rosh Haayin Israel
 --  4/15/2009

I am looking for any kind of information in regarding to my father family.
Born in : Berettyóújfalu
Family name: Kenyeres
Mother name: Adel Kenyeres nee Bleier
Born in 1877 to Jakab and Sarlota. She was a household and married to Arthur. Prior to WWII she lived in Berettyoszentmarton, Hungary. Adel perished in 1944 in Auschwitz
if you have any information regarding to my fasmily tree I will appreciate it.
Yossi Knirsh
Mail: knirsh@nonstop.net.

 --  4/7/2009

Born as Marika Grunberger in NagyVaraed(Oradea) in the year 1946 to Margaret and Tibor Grunberger. Grandparents who resided in NagyVarad were David and Helen Grunberger and Martin and Mariska Schonberger. In 1965 I left Oradea with my mother and went to Israel. A year later my father went to New York city. My mother and I left Israel in 1965 and settled in Toronto Canada, sponsored by a great uncle Morris and Piri Isaak. Married in 1969 To Joseph Heller Frohlinger and had two daughters, Debbie in 1977 and Anita in 1979. They are still both single and live in Oakridges, Ontario where they share a home. They are both teachers. My husband is now a retired school principal and I am a retired medical lab technologist.

Marianna Mary Gligor neeLobl -
Canada,Thornhill Ontario
 --  4/5/2009

Please email me at mariannagligor@rogers.com I will be in Nagyvarad end of may for approx.6 weeks.

Peer Miriam aka Zuszman -
Raanana Israel
 --  4/4/2009

I was born in 1947 in Nagyvarad. I left in 1966 with my parents and my brother Tomi to Israel. Please contact me if somebody remember me or my family.

Marina -
South Africa
 --  4/2/2009

My name is Marina and I am originally from South Africa. We as a family lived in Oradea in 2005/6 and the huge, old, empty synagogues of Oradea always made me so sad when we lived there. I realized that once there must have been a big Jewish community in Oradea . Recently we went back to Oradea for a visit and I read about the thousands of Jews of Oradea that were murdered in the second world war- nearly 28 000? Is that correct? Where in the city was the ghettos?? I really have a heart full of sympathy for all those who died and their families who survived miraculously. My grandmother was born in a concentration camp of the English in the Boer war in 1901 in South Africa and she lived , but 28 000 people of my race died in those concentration camps- 26200 of them were woman and children. All the farms, houses and cattle were destroyed and my great grandfather was sent to a prison camp in India. Maybe that is why I have such a heart for what the Oradea Jews went through and perhaps I have Jewish roots myself? (My father looked just like a Jew.) If I ever visit Oradea again I would like to meet some of you that are still part of the Jewish Community there. I am a Christian and just want to encourage you: You are special to God and He loves you a lot.

Robert Braun -
Trumbull, CT
 --  3/28/2009

My grandmother on motherly side was a Teitelbaum from a family in Lugoj, Banat (now Romania). They were of Hungarian culture. She married Heinrich Grunfeld, a "melamed" moved to Cluj, had 7 children and died in Cluj around 1920-21. That's about all I know and since I found that Ms. Debbie Rosenberg of Teaneck, New Jersey on 10/20/2007 inquired about a Teitelbaum, I thought I will write, on the outside chance that someone may be kind enough to give me some more information.

Martha Szeszich -
Datça (MuÄźla) Turkey
 --  3/25/2009

Hello. my Father was born in Nagyvarad in 1904.  He was Roman Catholic. I would appreciate any response which could help me find out more about my family. his name was Lajos Szeszich. thank you and best regards.
Martha Szeszich

Alexander Czovek -
Cromwell Connecticut, USA
 --  3/22/2009

Czovek Sanyi born in 1943 Oradea. Mother Deutsch Katalin. I came to US 1972 with my wife and son. Dear Endre put me on the list my phone is 860-632-5722.

Robert Kolb -
Woodmere, NY
 --  3/17/2009

I was born in 1946 to Jeno & Hainol Kolb. Their parents were Shea Kaszovitz and Samuel Kolb. If you have any historical information about my parents or grand parents, please email me at sababob@aol.com

I look forward to hearing from anyone with any information Thanks

 --  3/14/2009

Born: 1947 Oradea, Nagyvarad
Emigrated to Israel: 1961
Father: Jeno
Mother: Ester
Lived: Breiner Bella 3
Last time Visited Oradea: 1979

If someone rememberes me you are welcome to contact me.
tel: 972-3-9516360

Junger Daria -
Hungary, Debrecen
 --  3/13/2009

Hi! I am searching, for my Gradfather Junger Bela's sister, Leah Berkovits, or here family. I hope there is someone who heard about them. My grandfather lived in Maramaros, at Romania. Then he leaved to Ukraine. If someone recognize the story then please informe me.

Ewoud Modderman -
Linschoten, the Netherlands
 --  3/7/2009

I am reading the last letters of my step grandfather Laszlo Szekely from Budapest, Hungary. These letters are dated 7 and 12 of may 1945. It is a message to my grandmother Madelon Szekely-Lulofs and their daughter Kotjil, telling them that he had survived the killing of the Jews in Budapest by arrow cross Nazi's and the troops of Eichmann. In his letters he describes the killing of thousends of his fellow people in the streets of Budapest. These letters have a great impact on me. Many of their friends were taken and are missing. Is there anyone who know what has happend to: Halasz, Hajdu, Besnyo, Erzsi (the wife of Aladar) and Ferike?
My email: emodderm@xs4all.nl

ladislav Fuchs -
 --  3/3/2009

Terri Stern Fuchs I would like to talk to you.
thank you

Ladislav FUCHS
Cell: 847.922.2282
Fax: 301.896.0125
E-Mail: sandy.fuchs@gmail.com

Endre Melchner -
Lincoln, CA
 --  3/3/2009

Adel (Ady) Rosman - Fargo ND USA -- 1/31/2009
You e-m addess is wrong! all mail comes back.
Please contact me at:

Peter Schwartz -
Claremont, CA USA
 --  3/2/2009

To Endre Melchner: I lived on Tudor Vladimirescu 23 (aka Koros utca). Did you ever play soccer with us in front of our building? You are 5 years older than me and maybe you remember Micsik Pista or Bako Sanyi better? Please let me know.

Zsuzsi ( Susan) Gluck Feuerstein -
Queens, New York
 --  3/1/2009

I was born in Nagyvarad in 1947 and I left in 1962 with my parents and my brother (Gyuri) who leaves in Berlin Germany. My father's name was Gyula Gluck and my mom's name was Ilona Wiesel Gluck both of my parents were holocaust survivers. I am married to Nicholas (Mickey) Feuerstein also from Nagywardad they left in 1964. If someone knows me or Mickey please contact us.

Mamba18@msn.com nfeuerstein@msn.com
Home: (1718) 820-1999
Cell (917) 349-4978
Would love to meet anyone from my childhood friends. Regards, Zsuzsi Gluck Feuerstein

John ( Johnny) Mozes -
Glen Cove, Long Island, New York
 --  2/20/2009

to:Jutka Farkas DiPietro
Hi Jutka,
I saw your name on the Oraea Jewish Community mail box and I remember you with found memories. If you want email me and I will respond.
Regards, Johnny


Endre Melchner -
Sacramento, California USA
 --  2/19/2009


We are planing two reunions one in the US and one in Isarel, (last one was in 2000) If you interested please e-mail to:

Time is short please spread the word.

John ( Johnny) Mozes - Glen Cove, Long Island, New York
 --  2/17/2009

I was born in !945, I left Oradea in 1966 with my parents Terka(Tereza) and Armin. We lived on strada Eminescu Nr 6 and later on on Bucegi Nr 1. Some of the names I see here seem so familiar but I do not recall details... I visited Oradea in 1992 and 2005 and I find it very remarkable that the Jewish community there is still alive and striving.
Regards to you all.


Deanna Jonas Tachna -
Birmingham, Michigan, U.S.A.
 --  2/17/2009

I'm looking for any one who has information on Peppi Berckovits Ungar who lived in Nadvaraded before the war. She was married to Joseph Ungar,but was widowed. She had a son Berczi who died shortly after he was married. I believe his wife's name was Ethel and their was a son, Boomi. Another son, Mor, who lived in Budapest. A daughter Bertha, she lived Magyar Str. 308. The youngest daughter, Lenke, lived with a childless aunt and uncle in Marghita.

Also, interest in the last name of Jonas and Hoffman, Berkovits, Ungar


Terri Stern Fuchs -
Edgewater, MD
 --  2/14/2009

My father in law, Tibor Stern, b. 1925, is a Holocaust survivor who was born in Oradea. I have his birth certificate and would like to find his parents marriage record. His parents were Edmund Stern and Juliana Gruber who married about 1922/1923. Can anyone provide information on how to obtain marriage records?

Melchner, Endre aka Andrei Shimshon, Sam -
Sacramento, CA USA
 --  2/13/2009

Born: 1947 Oradea, Nagyvarad
Emigrated to Israel: 1960
Father: Lajos aka Ludwic, Yehuda
Mother: Lily aka Ilona (Lieberman)
Lived: Tudor Vladimiresco 34 aka Koros Uca
Last time Visited Oradea: 1969

I read the postings and a lot of the names are ringing up some memories. If someone knows me you are welcome to contact me.
Please put "Oradea" in the Subject line

George h braun -
dallas tx usa
 --  2/6/2009

trying to find information re: stein, Julia aka juliska born nagyvarad hungary 1890s

Alice Slezak -
Boston, MA
 --  2/1/2009

To Leah Berkovits:
If you are still searching for information regarding your relatives, and the current name for Strada F. Engels, now it's named General Bertholot. It so happens I have a relative living at #12. If I can be of any help, please let me know.
My e-mail address: oradea52@msn.com

Sandy Fuchs -
Washington DC USA
 --  1/31/2009

Dear lya fridman

Can you please let me know which lawyer in Oradea you used to get your house back.

Ladislav FUCHS
Cell: 847.922.2282
Fax: 301.896.0125
E-Mail: sandy.fuchs@gmail.com

Adel Rosman -
Fargo ND-usa
 --  1/31/2009

To Leslie Weinberg :
Szervusz Laci, YOU are "absolutely right" !
One of my aunts from father side of the family was considered . All the family members taught following: She was in the underground partisan group with my father and my ever dear mother 9 :O( rest in peace, what a loving and devoted mother she was) what a great loss :O( my aunt went out with a assigment (undercover) never to return. Everybody in the family said : szegeny Ducika, megoltek a szemet nacik=poor Ducika, was murdered by the garbage nazis. Moment of silence, tears. My father said : I can't believe that YOU are so cruel to give up so fast ! Our sister is NOT dead I feel it in my bones and soul ! Searching between those who where deported and came back from diferent dead camps, everybody knew about our family memebers who where taken in many diferent camps. NOWHERE aunt Duczi (Duci) In 1960 my father Rosman Bela (Adalbert) took the help of International Red Cross and in 6 months found his sister in the Soviet Union maried to a 1/2 jewish man, had 3 kids, Living in Ukraina. She is a mecanic inginer 1 of 3 who graduated few years before the II-nd WW started. She was working in her profession in the soviet union, was LOVED and respected, she didn't have any negative thinks to say about her staying there. She loved the soviet people they where even nicer to her when they found out her life story. In 1961 my brother and my father went to visit my aunt and in 1962 all of them came to visit us. ATENTION EVERYBODY ! "YOU, NEVER GIVE UP AN ANYBODY, friends or family ! PLEASE be agressive, don't be passive SEARCH, search, search !

PS. I forget, my grandfathers name was Rosman Simon (fo jegyzo) May be lots of you, born in Nagyvarad, before the deportation, has his signature an their birth certificate. My grandfather was murdered in Treblinka :O( my grandmother unfortunately didn't survive either and a sister of my father. Total murdered family members in concentration camps the Rosman familie and my grandmother side, was 42 people :O(

Adel (Ady) Rosman -
Fargo ND USA
 --  1/31/2009

Szervusztok Nagyvaradiak !
I left Nagyvarad in 1969 I do have 2 children in their 30's.
My nickname was Maricza (Marica) lots of people called me Ady, may be because of Adel ! Also, was a other Marica too, who was named after me, because her father did like me a lot when I was a beby :O) he adored me, his name was Dr. Kende Laci, I loved him like a father. I don't know anything about them, anymore. I had lots of friends in Nagyvarad. One of them was: Neuman Roby have NO idea what happened to him, Weiss Kati, she emigrated to Izrael lost touch, Mariana and Zoe Kahan (school collegs) Kupfer Gaby, Fulop Agi, Weinreb Andris, Waldner Gyuri, Dromer Eva, Fuchs Marta, Noti Tibi, and many more ! Nagyvaradi people, are special group of people and IS A SHAME, NOT TO RECONNECT :O( I wish to all of YOU, your families: shalom, lots of mazli, endless happiness and prosperity and not the least HEALTH ! I give you my sister in laws e-mail adress, I do not have a computer (was no reason until now, IF I WOULD have lots of letters from many of YOU) I was a very thin girl, being in balett iskola, I got lots of compliments too :O) balett tanarno Cirjak Aranka, also playing handbal bei VOINTA stadion, taking part also in :Turista-Alpinista "meg alakitasaban 1960's in Nagyvarad, including Dr. Fekete Lorant, me and few others (one of us, unfortunately comited suicide (what a loss, was a very dear person to all of us) ! Almost forget : I had 1 oncle ( first cousine of my father) Who did lived in Mihalj- falva, and was the director of the "Szeszgyar" Moskovics had a ONLY daughter Nusi (Ana) his wife Rozsi, neni, they emigrated to Izrael. Also had relatives in Nagyvarad, Weinberger, Friedman, Rosenberg. Unfortunately :O( I lost my dear MAMAM in okt. 2001 :O( I was fighting a DEEP depresion for 5 1/2 years. I am lot better NOW ! IF somebody wants contact with me, more than welcome, I was born in 1944 surving the holocaust, because having both my parents in the "UNDERGROUND REZISTANCE" ! Otherwise YOU could not read this ! I garantee it !
Contact: ritaszentendrey@wah.midco.net
(I speack fluently 4 languages, 3 others NOT so good anymore, was nobody arround to practice with, languages where my profession)

Ladislav Fuchs -
Washington DC USA
 --  1/14/2009

Does any one who have any information about my father, Martin Nathan Fuchs? he had a bakelit (plastic) factory in Oradea. He died in 1950 and was born in Sighet in 1902.

Ladislav FUCHS
Cell: 847.922.2282
Fax: 301.896.0125
E-Mail: sandy.fuchs@gmail.com

Paul N Kassy(Kaszovitz) -
Boca Raton, FL
 --  1/14/2009

I was looking thru thes messages and found a few looking for survivors From NagyKaroly, hungary(also known as Carei, romania. I was born in Carei) and now live in Boca Raton,Fl. I got here Via Auschwitz, monowitz, Buchenwald, Paris, france(1945-1947) Albany, NY (1954-58), Anyway will be glad to hear from anybody from Naghkaroly.

Melchner, Endre aka Andrei Shimshon, Sam -
Sacramento, CA USA
 --  1/12/2009

Born: 1947 Oradea, Nagyvarad
Emigrated to Israel: 1960
Father: Lajos aka Ludwic, Yehuda
Mother: Lily aka Ilona
Lived: Tudor Vladimiresco 34 aka Koros Uca
Last time Visited Oradea: 1969

I read the postings and a lot of the names are ringing up some memories. If someone knows me you are welcome to contact me.

Julika Komlosi - New York, NY  --  12/18/2008

I was born in Oradea in 1951 and lived there in str, Col.Buzoianu 10 till 1965 when I left for Belgium together with my brother Nicolae and my mother Lilly Komlosi born Grosz.
My auntie Ola Grosz, born in 1920 in Beznea asked me to enquire about a good friend of her Renee Ganz born in 1925 she thinks, who was married to a certain Weiss. Does anyone know her or about her please let us know. Also should any of my childhood friends remember me , I would love to hear from them. I am currently in Tel Aviv and I remember that many of my brother's friends left in the 1960s for Israel, Would love to meet anyone from my childhood Friends.


lya fridman -
 --  10/14/2008

Message to Dalia Yolanda Maron
My family lived in this street for many generations and I myself lived ther till 1962. The name of the steet is Colonel Buzoianu . I resently sold a house on this street so I am positive about the name.

Avrohom Shlomo Schwartz - Monsey, N.Y, U.S.A  --  10/12/2008

To Olga Rozner,

In reply to your post: [I am looking for any Holocaust survivors form Carei-Nagykaroly. I live now in New York and would be so happy to find anyone after all these years. I was in Aushwitz during the war. I am looking forward to your response.]

My grandfather R' Hillel A. Schwartz was also a Holocaust survivor from Carei. He was deported by the accursed Nazi's to Aushwitz but miraculously survived the war. (In fact there were only two survivors from his barrack, my grandfather and Elie Wiesel). Sadly he passed away on Aug. 12, 1994.

I am interested in knowing if knew him and his siblings or his father Rabbi Yaakov Yechiel Schwartz (B. 1884 D. 1944) who was Rabbinical Judge of the Orthodox Community of Carei from 1908 to 1944.

As this site is dedicated to preserve the memory of the Jewish Community of Oradea, please reply to me at my email address: avi@gofour.com


PETER FISCHER -+36309212522,corvinp@freemail.hu  --  10/7/2008

Hi Andres Carciente,I have a good friend in Budapest,from Nagyvárad, RAPAPORT LACI, phone number+36703807875, try to contact him, tell him, I gave you his number. Take care, Peter Fischer

Hi,DALIA-YOLANDA MARON,BLAHA LUJZA ST.name is now Col.Buzoianu, I hope i was a help for you, take care Peter Fischer

Shalom Suzana Nicolau, if we are talking about the same person, he died aprox. in 65-66 and is buried in the Rulikowski cemetery in Nagyvárad. His second wife was Ibi, they have a daughter Lia shes is now 61, she has a 30 years old son.

I hope,I was for a help,take care Fischer Péter

Petra Andris -
Israel, Tel Aviv
 --  10/7/2008

Hi Slezak Elvira neni. I'm in Tel Aviv doing fine.
My Mom (joli), half year ago went into a senior citizen residency.
For more inf. please contact Me:

Linda Weiss Spiegler -
washington dc usa
 --  9/30/2008

Would anyone know of the whereabouts and how I might reach Joseph Schmuck in Israel ?

He was from Szekelyhid ,Hungary, survived Auschwitz, and emigrated to Israel in the 1950's. He'd be about 80 years old now.

Thank you,
Linda Weiss Spiegler
(202) 234-5883

Linda Weiss Spiegler - washington dc usa  --  9/30/2008

My father, Joseph Weiss, was the brother of Roszi Weiss. He was born in Szekelyhid in 1902 and left in about 1920.

I am searching for information about Roszi,his other four sisters,a brother, their parents Martin and Ester, and nieces and nephews.

Kindly contact me.

Thank you,
Linda Weiss Spiegler
(202) 234-5883

Tibi Grosz -
Herzlia, Israel
 --  9/26/2008

To Dalia-Yolanda Maron, Australia

The Romanian name of the street is Colonel Buzoianu. I lived on this street before me and my family moved to Israel in 1960.

Additional information I have provided on Sep 18th, 2006, if you are interested.

New E-mail: tibigrosz@gmail.com

Elvira Slezak -
Boston, MA
 --  9/15/2008

Please, does anyone have any information of the well being and whereabouts of Adriane "Joli" Petra? Last known address was in Tel Aviv. We were childhood friends in Oradea. She and her family, husband and children (Marta and Andris) immigrated from Oradea in early 1960's. I last had contact with her one year ago, at that time she went in for an operation and havent's heard from her since. I would be greatful for any information anyone might have .
Thank you.

Suzana Nicolau -
 --  9/13/2008

I would like to have some information about my grandfother Frank Eugen who lived in Alesd and was deportated to Auschwitz in 1944. I am looking for every piece of information about my late mother who was born in Alesd on May 19, 1912 as Frank (Franck) Elizabeta. I would like to know her parents' names and where is buried her mother (my grandmother)

I will be gratefull for any information!
Thank a lot,
My e-mail is: suzi_k@netvision.net.il

 --  9/8/2008

I had relatives who lived in Nagyvarad: Family names:
FOHN They lived in Nagyvarad at least from 1877 till 1945!
Also I had relatives in Erselind,Biharfelegyhaza and in Micske.
Andres Carciente

Ladislav Fuchs -
Washington DC usa
 --  9/7/2008

Does any one who have any information about my father, Martin Nathan Fuchs? he had a bakelit (plastic) factory in Oradea. He died in 1950 and was born in Sighet in 1902.

Ladislav FUCHS
Cell: 847.922.2282
Fax: 301.896.0125
E-Mail: sandy.fuchs@gmail.com

Veisz Vera -
Haifa, Israel
 --  9/6/2008

Dear Olga Rozner,

I am the daughter of Reinhart Sarika(Pollak) .Are you the sister of Ibi and Lily form Nagyvarad? Vera Weisz(Pollak) Israel Haifa

Olga Rozner -
New York NY
 --  9/3/2008

I am looking for any Holocaust survivors form Carei-Nagykaroly.I live now in New York and would be so happy to find anyone after all these years. I was in Aushwitz during the war. I am looking forward to your response.

With kind regards,
Olga Grun (Rozner)

Leah Berkovits -
Brooklyn, NY
 --  9/3/2008

It looks like I'm not the only one looking for addresses in Oradea - I see a number of other recent posts on this subject. Can anyone advise how we can match up old Hungarian street names with the Romanian post WWII names of today? This would be of great help in finding our ancestors' homes!

Leslie Weinberg -
Great Neck, NY, US
 --  9/2/2008

I would like to urge everyone here who is searching for lost family members to fill out forms with the International Tracing Service. It was through them that I located my family. For 63 years, it was assumed they had perished, family who visited Oradea after the War were told they did not survive, and they are even listed as victims who perished at Stutthof , on the Yad Vashem database.

Do not make any assumptions, or rely on what other family has believed all these years. In my case, it was not true that they died, and my grandmother and mother died without ever knowing that their sister, and aunt, and cousins were alive all those years!

Alida Steinfeld -
Brighton, East Sussex, G Britain
 --  9/2/2008

I am researching information on my late husband's father. He is possibly a Dr Willy Wolfgang Weinberg. It is also possible that he worked at the London Jewish Hospital, Bethnal Green, where he met my husband's mother, prior to going to Spain in 1936.

Please reply to:

Izzy Fraeme -
Vancouver Canada
 --  8/28/2008

Does anyone know details of Endre (Ocsi) Jungreisz or his family.
Izzy Fraeme

Izzy Fraeme (formerly Fraemovitz) -
Vancouver Canada
 --  8/28/2008

I just discovered this forum and find it fascinating. I am originally from Oradea (1918) and have only begun to read all these letters and look at this wonderful resource that Norbert has created.

My family were orthodox Jews in Oradea and I am seeking all kinds of information about my families past.

I am looking forward to corresponding with all of you and perhaps trading information with you.

Izzy Fraeme

Hedy Tessler(nee Czuckermann) -
West Bloomfield, Mi
 --  8/28/2008

I'm planning a visit to Oradea in fall of 2009. I'd like to visit the home where my Mothe(OBM)grew up. Her fathers name was David Weisz mrried to Irma(OBM), how do I find their pre-WWII address?

Nachum Katz -
Temporarily NYC, otherwise Israel
 --  8/21/2008

I was still unable to reconnect with Mrs. Trez Mozes, unfortunately. She is the author of several books about Orade, two of which I read. We met in Israel but I lost track of her. I am very happy to see that Leslie found her family, which is absolutely great news! Good luck! I see that another Landsman helps out by taking over some pictures, and for this site I am thankful for making all this poosible. You can contact me at nahumk@jafi.org, thank you,

Leah Berkovits -
 --  8/20/2008

I am researching my father's family who came from Oradea. His mother, three sisters, and a brother were deported to Auschwitz and never returned. I am trying to find out where I can get records of their birth dates, marriage date, addresses, date of deportation. I have one address which I believe is the last known address of the family (Bernard [Bernat] Berkovits [my granfather] and his wife Bella [nee Koos] and family) F. Engels Strada No. 7. However, this name is the post-was Communist name of the street. Where can I get a map that shows original street names? Thanks to all of you out there who can help!

Dalia-Yolanda Maron -
 --  8/16/2008

I am trying to find some information on old street names in Hungarian and what they are now in Romanian. I am looking for the new name and location of Blaha Lujza u. it was the birth place of my father and home of his family. They lived there until the German Army came and rounded up the jews in the second world war. The family name was Schwarcz but my paternal grandfather changed his name when he married to Maron which was my Transilvanian grandmother's family name. If anyone has any information, please post a response. Thank you.    

Leslie Weinberg -
Great Neck, NY, US
 --  8/11/2008

I am so excited right now, I can hardly write. I sent to the Consiliul Local Al Municipiului Oradea just to confirm my grandmother’s sister's married name. I had only recently received documentation that she had returned from deportation, having been told my whole life that the family in Oradea had perished.

Turns out Elvira is still alive, and living in Oradea. Her name is Elvira Nagy, and she lives on Sovata Street. Does anyone know her? She is 85 years old. I do not speak Hungarian or Romanian (she apparently speaks both), so I called my daughter-in-law's mother, who was born in Oradea in 1946, but left with her family a few years after her birth. She speaks a "passable" Hungarian. She tried calling the phone number I was given in the letter, but there was no answer.

The letter I received today said that they actually called Elvira, and that she was moved by the fact that we were looking for her. I do NOT understand, how after all these years, and my family telling me they searched, including going to Oradea, after the War, that this could have happened.

Can anyone help me here? Can anyone call Elvira and tell her about her family? Is there someone I can call who speaks English as well, and could interpret for me? I really need help.

Joe Tinkelman -
Silver Spring, Maryland, USA
 --  8/11/2008

I will be in Oradea with my wife and daughter from Aug. 20 to Aug. 23. I will be getting to know the city and attempting to find some trace of my ancestors from the Neuman (Neumann) and Weiss (Weisz) family, most of whom perished in 1944. I speak very little Hungarian and no Romanian. If anyone can help me with directions or advice (including a suggestion about lodging), please contact me at joeytink@yahoo.com.

Jessica Klischuk -
Saskatchewan, Canada
 --  8/6/2008

I read this book and it so greatly touched me. I cried as i read it and it brings tears to my eyes when i just think about the powerful words written. I have never read a book that has made me feel so deeply abou the holocaust as this one did....i would love to contact Terez Mosez to write her and let her know how greatly her words have touched my life...and how much it has made me feel if anyone knows how would you let me know? thank you

Tori Green -
Victoria, Texas
 --  8/2/2008

I just recently found out my grandfather who was hungarian, that his real name before he came to the states was Armin Markovits, I knew him as Alex March. He died when I was a baby, so I never met him. On a recent trip to visit some family I was told that he was Jewish, but I never heard this before growing up. My parents have passed on and I am trying to get info on my family. All I know is that he came from Hungary, he had a family there, the wife didn't want to come, her last name was Weiss, so he came to the U.S then met and married my grandmother, clara. If anybody knows anything about the name Armin Markovits, it's origin or anything would you please pass it along to me.
Thank you

Jim Helmink -
cincinnati, ohio
 --  7/30/2008

Anyone who knew Zoltan Bandi who just recently died at his home....was neighbor...trying to contact nearest relative?

Nachum Katz -
Temporarily New York City
 --  7/30/2008

I am looking to reconnect with Terz Mozes, and lost her contact information and E-mail address, if someone would be kind enough to give it to me, thank you.

Nadya -
 --  7/26/2008

I would like to contact somebody from this jewish comunity because I am studying in Oradea and I would like to contact to this community.  Thanks for understanding.

Nava (charash) Delman -
Herzelya Israel
 --  7/22/2008

Dear sir/madam
I'm the daugter of the late Naftali Charash who was brought up in oradea until lthe age of 16 (when he made an aliya to israel). Unfortunately his parents, 5 brothers and sisters and all his family were killed by the nazies. His mother's name was Gissia and father's Moshe Yizchak . I would like to know if there are lists where I can find any traces about my family, or if anyone has any information about them? I'm planning a trip to Romania in October and also to Oradea and I'll be glad to visit a place with those lists and information.

Eva Nagan -
Calgary, Canada
 --  7/21/2008

This is a message for Jaqueline Claude Romney from Vancouver: I was pleasantly surprised to see somebody looking for Dr Nyiszli's book: "Doktor voltam Auschwitzba". I may have to book tucked away in one of many boxes in the basement, if you are still interested, would not mind looking for it.
My E-mail is : eva.nagan@shaw.ca.  By the way, I remember his daughter well, Nyiszli Manci, she used to walk by our house a few times daily.


Joe Tinkelman -
Silver Spring, MD, USA
 --  7/20/2008

My wife, daughter and I will be visiting Oradea during the week of Aug. 17. My daughter did a school project on the Holocaust this year, and it caused me to start to look for my ancestors. I've learned just this week that both my grandfather Frank (Ferencz) Weiss (possibly Weisz) and his wife Vera (possibly Veron?) nee Neumann both came from Oradea (Nagyvarad), but left for the U.S. in 1903. My Mom visited there for the summer of 1923. I've done research at the Yad Vashem Web site (I have saved a list of numerous Neuman/Weiss victims) and would like to find an Oradea resident named Clara Schwartz who submitted a record to Yad Vashem about a victim (her mother-in-law) named Berta Schwartz (nee Neumann). While in Oradea, I would like to find someone who can help me research birth records for my grandparents and perhaps my great-grandparents. I have some ideas, but can anyone offer any advice to me? I realize that I am starting this very late and very close to the date of my trip. Thanks for posting this message. -- Joe Tinkelman (joeytink@yahoo.com

sandy fuchs -
washington dc
 --  7/19/2008

Does any one who have any information about my father, Martin Nathan Fuchs? he had a bakelit (plastic) factory in Oradea. He died in 1950 and was born in Sighet in 1902.

Ladislav FUCHS
Cell: 847.922.2282
Fax: 301.896.0125
E-Mail: sandy.fuchs@gmail.com

Marine -
 --  7/19/2008

Hi everyone. My name is Ray, from Utica, NY. I will be visiting Poland soon, and I am hoping to meet my Polish relatives. I also hope some people from here may help me in contacting my relatives before my visit. Thanks and looking forward to meeting some great people on here!

Leslie Weinberg -
Great Neck, NY, US
 --  7/11/2008

I really need to talk to someone at the Oradea Jewish Community about my family. I have learned that my grandmother's sister, Rozsi, and her daughter Elvira, returned after deportation. Their last name is Szegal. I am very anxious to trace my family and find out what happened to them.  Can someone please respond to me?
Leslie Weinberg

Leslie Weinberg -
Great Neck, NY, US
 --  7/9/2008

I am searching for any persons who might have known my family from Oradea (Nagyvarad). My grandmother's sister, Roszi, was married and had two children, Paula and Elvira. Both girls would have been born some time in the mid 1920s. While I do not know Roszi's married name, I believe it was "Szegal", based on records I have found on Yad Vashem from Stuthoff Camp. There is a record for an Elvira Szegal, daughter of Roszi Reiss, and a Rozsi Szegal, maiden name Reiss.

The International Tracing Service has sent me a record of an Elvira Szegal, who was a returnee from deportation. While I am waiting for further records, I can not determine whether this is, indeed, our family member. I have sent for a marriage certificate, but am not sure I will be able to get it.

Did anyone come across Roszi, her daughters Paula and Elvira at Stuthoff, or in Oradea, after the War? It was always assumed by our family that everyone had perished. A cousin of my mother had gone there after the War to search, and was told the whole family had perished. However, if the ITC record is correct, and if this Elvira is my grandmother's niece, she may still be alive.

Can anyone help? Thanks, Leslie

Susan Geroe -
San Diego, CA
 --  7/4/2008

For those who knew him, my beloved father, Armand Simpson (Simonovits Armin), a native of Oradea, passed away at age 94 in Los Angeles, CA


Izsak Tibi -
 --  6/30/2008

I am looking for Spingold Agi,she left Oradea in 1968 to USA (CINICNNATI I think). my email adress:



Roy Grant -
Budfapest Hungary
 --  6/25/2008

I have noted that on this website there are several people interested in the Oradea or Nagyvarad Guttmans.
My family line includes Lazar Guttmann married to Esther Jakab and their son Albert born 1867 (married Amalia Stern) and grandson Bela born 1870 (married Gizella Czettel.)
If any of these fit into anyone's research, get in touch.

Menahem ( Pali ) Yitzhaki ( Izsak) -
Kohav-Yair , Israel
 --  6/16/2008

I was born in Oradea 01.07.1949.
In the late fifties I studied at High school nr. 1 ( ' Gojdu )
I am looking for a girl my age: Dita Schwartz , who probably in 1960 left to Canada .
my e mail address : amyhome2@bezeqint.net

Margit Telegdi Smith -
Toronto, Canada
 --  6/10/2008

Hi. I am looking for information about my grandfather, Melchner, Elek, from Mezotelegd. He was the local storeowner and an elder in the synagogue. I believe he was buried in the Jewish cemetary of Mezotelegd. His wife was Teresz, son Sandor (Alex), born 1919 and daughter Lilly. Where would the Jewish cemetery be? I am looking for proof of Jewishness. many family records were destroyed. Thank you.      
416 823-4651

Zsolt Wittek -
 --  6/6/2008

I am very interested in hearing from people who collected Armand Schönberger's pictures in the 1920'-30' years, because I wrote a book about this painter, and we have to find other pictures from this master for the new book, about Schönberger.

Thanks a lot: Zsolt Wittek
Orlikon Publishing

Celia Lindenfeld Leykin -
Staten Island, New York
 --  6/4/2008

I am searching for relatives of Julia and David Lindenfeld who may have survived the war. Their children were Regina Lindenfeld, Bertha Lindenfeld, Hanna Lindenfeld , Alex Lindenfeld and  John Lindenfeld my father who went to the U. S. before the war. I know that a nephew Izrael Naudric who was writing to my father after the war has survived. I may be reached at

Ladislav Sandy Fuchs -
 --  5/21/2008

Does any one who have any information about my father, Martin Nathan Fuchs? Hhe had a bakelit (plastic) factory in Oradea. He died in 1950 and was born in Sighet in 1902.

Ladislav FUCHS
Cell: 847.922.2282
Fax: 301.896.0125
E-Mail: sandy.fuchs@gmail.com

Peter Schwartz -
Claremont , California, USA
 --  5/19/2008

In response to Eric Hitter: as horrendous a crime as the Holocaust was (I lost my grandparents and my 3 year old cousin, all from Nagyvarad), we shouldn't forget the two nations in Europe that did everything they could to save their Jewish populations. The Danish and the Bulgarian people and their respective governments deserve recognition in this area, much more so than the uncaring, somewhat antisemitic government of America's Roosevelt.

Eric Hitter -
Antwerp Belgium
 --  5/8/2008

Having survived the deportation from nagyvarad but my dear parents did not. I am still trying to understand how the world could let these beasts of ss soldiers do what they did... there was not a single country in Europe who would help the Jews. On the contrary they helped the Germans. Thank God there is a Jewish state now Israel. I want to wish on the 60th anniversary of the establishment of the state many years of happiness and peace. e.hitter

Vivian Kahn -
Oakland, CA
 --  5/4/2008

Looking for relatives of Aharon Grosz, b. 1918 Orasu Nou (Avas Ujvaros), son of Dov and Chana. He was living in Oradea before the war. Aharon perished at Auschwitz in 1944 according to testimony by Natan Grosz. My great-grandmother Shprintze Grosz was from Orasu Nou and I believe that we are related to this family.

Please contact me at vkahn@kmort.com if this information is familiar.

Nachum Katz -
Currently New York, Shaliach from Israel
 --  5/3/2008

The following story is one of few who bring light into one more family aspect of the Oradea Jews.
Thank you, Nachum Katz

The Suitcase
     Sitting on a shelf in a shop in Oradea, Transylvania, the suitcase was waiting to begin its journey. In the summer of 1943 a nice, plump man lowered it from the shelf, lifted it, weighed it in his hands for fear it would be too heavy. He then checked the corners ? were they sturdy enough? The locks ? would they break open? The handle, lest it rip? He studied the depth of it, wondering if it was deep enough to contain everything. From all these tests the suitcase could deduct it was about to handle a great, important mission.     
     Arriving at the apartment, the man’s hands caressed the suitcase. Through a stream of incomprehensible words which he whispered to himself, one word came up over and over, clear and crisp: Israel… Israel….
     The following day he diligently packed clothes, food and sweets. He then boarded a carriage and headed the train station. He loaded the suitcase onto one of the train cars, heaving it onto the upper baggage compartment, underneath which a curly-haired, green eyed girl sat.
     Again his hands caressed the suitcase, then wandered off to the head of curls, wiped the tears off the green eyes, cupped the pale face. “God save you, child! Go! Perhaps it is towards freedom you are headed…”
     Over a number of months, the girl and the suitcase moved together from room to room, from apartment to apartment. The suitcase was always packed and ready to go, to escape. The sweets ran out but were never replaced by new ones. The winter passed, spring arrived. Army boots stomped, bombs exploded, but the suitcase and its young owner migrated on within the hustle and bustle of Budapest.
     Summer of 1944 came, and one day the young owner did not return home. Rough hands rummaged through the clothes in the suitcase, littering the floor with garments, finally disposing of the suitcase itself. Eventually, the young owner’s landlord took it in and hurriedly scribbled on the inside in big rough letters her own name: Bogardi Joszefne. These letters are there to this day, marring the lining of the suitcase like an ugly wound.
     Winter came again. More bombs fell; cannons were heard, mixed with bursts of gunfire. And yet no one returned to claim the suitcase. It was near the end of January 1945 when the owner of the suitcase finally appeared, skinny and sad, and embraced the simple suitcase as if it were a lost treasure finally discovered.     
     More wandering followed, and the suitcase’s owner never parted from it again. At times it contained only several garments, at times many books, or children’s clothing. Slowly, the suitcase became worn with use. Many years have gone by. Then one day, the owner patched the corners, greased the locks and even sewed it a new brown plaid cover. The suitcase could sense there was another great adventure ahead, perhaps the biggest of all. Indeed, within a short while it was filled with brand new items – bed sheets, curtains, an iron and more clothes. They were on their way, from car to train, then car again, and then an airplane! Never before did they have a voyage like this.     
     At the end of the journey it was passed along once again, from car to car, from city to city. All the while the long lost words played out, this time loud and sure: Israel… Israel… The voyage was done. The suitcase has completed its mission.     
     Epilogue: The suitcase, which at first served as a closet in its new land and home, wedged under a metal bed, near some simple chairs and a table, could now finally rest, perhaps retire. The owner, by then white haired but still bearing curls, has fixed a special shelf for the suitcase to rest upon. And the owner? For the rest of her life tears ran down her face whenever she would think about the kind man who first packed the suitcase, her father, a man she never saw again.     
     More than thirty years later, a second epilogue: a couple years ago, the owners' son, having by now his own white hairs, called the suitcase to duty again. The original white-haired owner was already long gone. It was now time to forward the message to a generation that knew almost nothing about those horrifying years. While taking Israeli students to the March of the living, in 2005, I told them this story. When we returned, I told it again at the Yom Ha Shoah (Holocaust) memorial observance, back at the Hadassah Neurim youth village where I served as director, with the suitcase by my side. The youngsters listened with awe and respect, touched the suitcase again and again, then hugged and gently comforted me. The suitcase once again served as an invaluable partner, helping in the Mitzva of "You shall tell the story to your sons". Who could have ever dreamed of this?     
     Final word (or maybe not?): The story was written in Hungarian by my mother, Dr. Barbara Katz z"l, published in the Israeli Hungarian speaking newspaper "Uj Kelet" (The New Dawn), then translated to Hebrew by me, and now into English by my daughter Rotem, for the sake of the future generations all over the world, and the sake of our family in America.

Thank you, Mom, for the story. Thank you, grandpa for your vision, one that saved my mother and thus enabled me to stand here and keep telling the story.

Written by Barbara Katz around 1980, translated to Hebrew and made the updating additions by Nachum Katz, in 2000, then translated to English by Rotem Katz on April, 2008, sixty five years after the original events depicted here started. In loving memory of my grandfather, Marton Katz z"l,, who was killed by the Nazis, and my sweet curly-haired Mother, Dr. Barbara Katz z"l, his beloved daughter..

Leslie Weinberg -
Great Neck, NY, US
 --  4/30/2008

Can anyone give me information on how to get hold of a marriage certificate in Romania for the period of time around the mid 1920s? I know that records less than 100 years old are hard to get. My grandmother's sister married during that time, and we do not know the married name. She was Rosa (Rojie) Reiss (Reisz), daughter of Abraham (Adolph) Reisz, and Hani November. Rojie had two children, Paula and Elvira, and in going through a lot of records online, I have seen the name Rosa Szegal, maiden name Rosa Reiss, and an Elvira Szegal, daughter of Rosa Reiss, inmates at Stuthoff, and listed as perished. The ITC has just sent me the image of a preliminary investigation, showing an Elvira Siegal, born 1926, daughter of Rosa Reiss, born in Marghita, who is on a list of the deportees who returned. If this IS my family, it means my grandmother's niece may have survived, and no one ever knew. Without confirming Rosa's married names, I can't pursue this further.

Also, I have ben told that my great-grandmother is buried in Rulikovski Cemetery, only under the name "wife of Abraham Reiss". How would I contact the cemetery to try to get a death or burial record?

Thanks in advance, Leslie Weinberg

Dedi Hatam -
 --  4/28/2008

Hello, My ancestors used to live in Nagyvarad in the 19th century. Do you have archival information, like microfilms etc. , in order to research the family history?
Sincerely yours,
Dedi Hatam

Fischer Peter -
1134 Budapest ,Kassak Lajos U.76/VII/68 Hungary
 --  4/20/2008

The Hungarian Annual meeting of people from Nagyvarad will be held on May 3 in Siofok Aranypart Hotel. It?s a great party every year, everybody is welcome. If you are interested, please contact Rapaport Laci 003670 3807875, please refer to me, thanks.

If you need any information concerning Nagyvarad (Oradea), don?t hesitate to contact me. cellphone +36309212522, email corvinp@freemail.hu

Nachum Katz -
Forest hills, New York, USA
 --  4/17/2008

Shalom! I used to check here for family and am always interested in the Oradea ties and stories. Since today I am temporarily relocated in New York, for a couple years, and my E-mail changed, I want people to be able to contact me, so my E-mail today is nahumk@jafi.org, I am an emissary of the Jewish Agency for Israel in North America, and am always wiling to give my time and energy for anyone in the forum, help and be helped.
My Family was also taken on May 14 from the getto, most of them never to come back. Some 106 members perished inthe Holocaust, may their memory be blessed. Many of the names and data I keep with me, handed over from my mother, Dr. Barbara Katz z"l, a great Mom and a brilliant pediatrician who spent a lot of energy and time researching their story and fate.
My grandmother Elza (Klein) Katz was killed in Aischwitz, three days later, while my grandfather Marton Katz z"l and his brother Jozsef survved some nine months, and died in the death marches, exhausted. I found their data in the Hungarian pavillion in Auschwitz, and later, after almost six years of waiting and continuous letters, got their death certificates through the International Tracing Center that was open with the fall of the Berlin wall, while they manually looked up data from German archives. The accuracy of the data was amazing, and so was the data that I was able to receive from some of the camps, for my living uncle Gyuri David Katz from Ashdod (Katz Joszef z"l's son), in Israel, whose name I found in the transports to the forced labor camps where he worked as an Iron worker on the V2 missiles. I am researching for many years now and am about to issue my family book, first in Hebrew, then hopefully and for the sake of my American section of the family in English as well. Any help, information or tips (also for the data and as well as for the possible issuing of the book) are more than welcome. Thank you all and have a sweet Pesach, one of liberty and peace, and with Israel's 60th anniversary, mazel tov and all the best.
Nachum Katz    

Lia Benshoshan Gelberg -
new york N.Y.
 --  4/6/2008

This message is for Paul Hamburg. My father Gelberg Deszo (Desideriu ) was born in Oradea in 1921 and died in 1975 in Israel Z"L  I was wondering if there is any connection between us. I know he had 4 sisters and 2 brothers ( Paul,  Boske , Mitzy, Bella). Unfortunately I only knew 2 of them the rest died in the camps together with my grand parents . So I was wondering if your Mom and my grandfather were siblings. I know very little about my father?s family. He never talked about them. If you have any information please contact me.
Thank you Lia

Livdolu -
 --  4/5/2008

Hello friends, I wish I had come here earlier as the forums are well organized and I look forward to gaining further knowledge and sharing my experiences. Ive been reading the posts and learning quite a bit from the members.

Lia Benshoshan Gelberg - new york N.Y.
 --  4/4/2008

I was reading this posts and I see a lot of names that sound familiar from my town Oradea. I was born in 1953 and went to the Music school. I lived on Arany Janos st. nr.2 I left Romania in 1970.  I live in NY for the last 29 years and lived in Israel in Jerusalem for 9 years . I'd love to find some of my friends. If somebody remembers Feldman Jutka, Sabau Monica, Mezey Katy, Galovics Peter,  please write to me. My email is : lbenshosha@gmail.com My cell phone is 646-996-1449
Thank you, Lia

Katherine Winslow -
Lewisville, Texas, USA
 --  4/2/2008

I am a descendent of Harry G. Lembert of Philadelphia and would appreciate information about his parents and siblings, as well as ancestors who may have come from Oradea. Harry, who died in the 1960s, was married to Lillie and had three daughters: Frances Elizabeth Lembert, Ethel Loretta Lembert Siegert (my grandmother), and Dorothy Lembert Eglin. Does anyone have information about the Lemberts?


Johan le Roux -
Johannesburg, South Africa
 --  4/2/2008

Good morning I have recently bought a small copper relief by the sculptor KALLO Ede from an antique dealer here in South Africa. On the front there is a central picture of a seated man with a sword and a kneeling man playing a flute. In the four corners there are 4 faces with the following names BEZEREDY IMRE, BUTTYAN JANOS, GRBERCSENY MIKLOS AND ANDRASSYI accompanying the faces. On the back there are the words "TOLNAI VILAG-LAPJA" AJANDEKA, and a stamp with the word Budapest. I have been unable to find any info on this specific piece. Can anybody give me more information on this please?

Caroline -
Van Nuys, CA US
 --  3/26/2008

I'm looking for anyone who may have information on the following: Erno Spitzer, born 1888 in Vienna, Austria, and his son, Arpad Spitzer, born 1926. The family was seperated in the camps, some survivors. Looking for any family history informatino or any info at all on the family.
Thank you

Jacqueline Claude Romney - Vancouver, Canada  --  3/22/2008

For a book I am writing on the Auschwitz prisoner doctors, I am looking for information about Dr. Miklos Nyiszli who became Mengele's assistant and wrote a book entitles"Auschwitz. A Doctor's Eyewitness Account.". He was from Oradea, returned there after the war and was still there in 1946. I would like to find out what happened to him afterwards. His wife and daughter also survived Auschwitz.

I would be most grateful for any information.

sandy fuchs -
washington dc
 --  3/20/2008

When I discovered the hollcaust memorial I was disappointed It was hidden in back a lot and it was written in Hebrew. It should be written in local language like Hungerian and Romanian so the local people will know what happened and it should not happened again because they do not teach it in school.

erika klapper nee lefkovits -
riverdale, new york, u.s.a.l
 --  3

I am searching for information about my beloved uncle and his family, manyu rosenblum and gabby. i do not know the names of his wife and daughter. he was my mothers brother. supposedly he and his wife were shot at the rumanian border in 1940. his son and daughter were sent to auschwitz from which gabby survived. Uncle manyu was in the rug business and shipped rugs to canada. I can not bear to think that nothing remains of his family. If anyone has any more information please contact me at
Erikaklapper@gmail.com Nagyvarad

Kathleen Smith -
Hackensack, New Jersey USA
 --  3

I am looking for my first cousin, Agi Rabinowitz who I believe lives on Fishman Street in Holon. If someone could please contact her for me and have her get in touch with me via e-mail, I would appreciate it. My e-mail address is:

Abraham Refael -
Afula Israel
 --  2/10/2008

looking for any members of my mother's family from Nagyvarad .
My Mother: Gizi blau (born: 1904)
her brother: josef blau moved to palestine (israel) 1937
...any information would truly be appreciated

email: noam_r@maoz.org.il
or: ezkale@gmail.com

Roger Adler -
San Antonio, Texas USA
 --  1/28/2008

I am correcting a message I made earlier. It was my grandfather Moriz Adler , who is said to have been born in Oradea (Grosswardein) in 1863. But so far I have not been able to find any record of his birth. His father was Isaak Adler and his mother was Emma Hirschl. If anyone has any information of any of these relatives please contact me at Baldreal@Sbcglobal.net

Dr. Tiberiu Leib (Lob Tibi) -
Voorhees, NJ, USA
 --  1/9/2008

I had an earlier note on 1/17/2007 on this site and I realized I had the wrong first name for a childhood friend i was looking for, His correct name is Friedman Gyuri and he was I believe the same age as I (born in 1947 in Oradea) and he left for France between 1959 and 1963 (not sure which year) and I lost all contact with him. If anybody knows about him please contact me. I was born in 1947 in Oradea and went to Gojdu - left for Israel in 1964 and eventually to the US in 1977. My sister Dr. Anat Yedwab (Lob Agi) who is 3 years younger than I and my mother Leib Bella (Lob Bella) live in Jerusalem. My father (Z'L) Leib Leopold (Lob Layos) was a tailor in Oradea and his first wife and 2 children died in the concentration camps, as well as his father and mother and 8 siblings. My father died in Israel in 1974. In Oradea we lived at 3 Bemer Ter (later Piata Stalin) across from the Theater.


Sandra Budd,mbudd@cinci.rr.com -
Cincinnati, Ohio
 --  1/8/2008

I am working on the genealogy of my family. my mother's father, my grandfather, Harry Rabinowitz, immigrated to America with 7 siblings. His 2 younger siblings, Label Rabinowitz and Muriel Rabinowitz, immigrated from Romania to Israel in the 1940s. After my grandfather died, in 1949, my grandmother wrote and sent money to Label and Muriel,since they were happy in Israel and had no desire to come to America. I would like some help in finding out about my 2 great aunt and uncle. I know Label Rabinowitz played the violin. I know Muriel Rabinowitz came to visit my family in AMerica, in 1959, when I was ten. She stayed for one week ,returned to Israel, and died soon from breast cancer. If any organization or website, can help me find out about my 3 relatives, I would appreciate it. I have traced down all of my other relatives, who chose to leave Romania, for America,

Thank you,
Sandra Budd

Suzy Peltz -
Milwaukee, WI USA
 --  1/6/2008

Still looking for any members of my mother's family from Nagyvarad

My Mother: Rosie Abraham (born: 1921)
Parents: Bernard & Esther Abraham

My mother survived Dachau went to Germany looking for family. Then moved to the states in 1948...any information would truly be appreciated

Abby Gilboa -
Haifa - Israel
 --  1/5/2008

I am looking for the grave (either Tel Aviv or Bersheva) of Miriam Bernstein (Bernsztejn) nee Perlmuter, born in Rovne in 1913. She immigrated to Israle in 1959 with her daughter Aliza and died in 1963.

Nancy Varga -
San Juan, Puerto Rico
 --  1/2/2008

Hello, I am looking for any record of my grandfather Josef Varga born 1883 in Kiskereck, Hungary. I understand he may have been Jewish, and I would like to confirm that. He emigrated to the US in 1912, married to my grandmother Julianna. Thank you for any suggestions.

email: nancyvarga@coqui.net

mordechai pelta -
san francisco, ca, usa
 --  12/28/2007

please let me know the name of the woman who died in Oradea a few years ago, she must have been at least 80 and her father had owned a hotel in the city before the war. she was our relative. sorry i cannot be more precise, last name might be weisz. she was single, never married. someone involved with the community in Oradea would know. thanks. mdpelta@yahoo.com

Ron Miller -
Dix Hills, New York USA
 --  12/21/2007

i'm doing the family tree. The names Katz Itzkowitz and Donnenberg keep coming up in the area of Oradea. Anyone run into those families. Although most immigrated to New York City about 1912, I have the names of whom they left in Hungary. Email: ron@millerus.com

Carol Jaffe -
Oldsmar, FL
 --  12/18/2007

My grandmother came from Berlin, Germany as a young girl. She was the youngest of 10, the only girl. Her parents were Henrietta & Fredrick Loewenberg, her name was Irma Loewenberg. Her father owned a lead pencil factory that according to my grandmother was one of first pencils in Germany. After her parents died she was sent to NYC to a maternal aunt . She later married Paul Abraham Meyer & had 2 sons & 1 daughter. One of her sons was my father, Harold S Meyer. After the holocaust she never heard from anyone in her family, not knowing the ages of her siblings I don't know if anyone survived. email: cmjaffe@tampabay.rr.com

Lena Ganz Haber -
 --  12/12/2007

My father's family (Ganz) lived in Valea lui mihai; any information re: Ilonka Ganz Roth and her children who were mudered; my grandparents Hinda & Albert (Eliyahu) Ganz (murdered) or the graves of my great grandparents would be appreciated

Daniel Klapper -
Teaneck, New Jersey
 --  12/10/2007

Hello this is a response to Vivian Kahn of Oakland California 9-24-07 about her second cousins Rosenblum from Navygarad. my mothers mother was the sister of Manyu Rosenblum and we are interested as well in finding more information on these cousins that would make gabi my mother's first cousin
thanks in advance

Lungu Ivan -
Haifa - Israel
 --  12/2/2007

I have submitted a message on November 9, 2007 containing a list of my family members deported to Auschwitz, from ORADEA, and till today have got no confirmation from your side wether you have received it. Kindly let me have a confirmation. My e-mail address is: lungu.stella@gmail.com
Thanking you in advance for your confirmation,
respectfully Ivan Lungu - Haifa    

Lungu Ivan -
Haifa - Israel
 --  11/12/2007

I have written earlier a message, but didn't indicate my data. I am 72 and live in Haifa. As I with my parents lived in Romania, in Caransebes during WW II, we escaped the deportation. I emigrated to Israel in 1973, to Haifa. My phone no. is: 00 - 972 - 4 - 8333465. E-mail : lungu.stella@gmail.com

Moshe Paul Mones -
Bearsville, N.Y. USA
 --  11/7/2007

Greetings. I am looking for any info on my grandfather Maurice (Moshe) Reis (Reisz). He married my grandmother Madeline (Minna) Weintraub in Romania, they moved to Paris. My Grandmother, mother, and siblings left Paris, came to the U.S. and changed their last name to 'Raiss'. They contructed a story about my grandfather. Only via Yad Vashem was I able to get some information which told me 1. Their real name was Reis (which my mother and aunt confirmed) 2. My grandfather was deported by the Vichy from Paris to Auschwitz and murdered there. My mother cannot speak of him. If any of this is familiar to someone please contact me at paulmones@mac.com kol tov

Magdalena Bogyo, maiden name Hirghelt -
Mamaroneck NY, USA
 --  11/3/2007

I am looking for a childhood friend Sugar Aliz who went to school to generala 8 and lived on Kossuth utca. She had an older sister Vera, they both immigrated to Israel. Aliz was good friends with Magdi and Ani while in gererala 8. If anybody knows of her whereabouts, please let me know, thanks.

Tiberiu Weisz -
New York, NY
 --  11/1/2007

My wife and I went back to visit Oradea after an absence of some 43 years. We took in-laws and our children as well. All in all it was a strange experience. Most of the center of the city has been fixed up; the outskirts and our school (Gojdu) look pretty bad. The biggest problem is the Neolog Synagogue. Ironically, it dominates the skylight of the city but inside it is mess and it is in real danger of collapsing.

Debbie Rosenberg -
Teaneck,New Jersey.U.S.A.
 --  10/20/2007

My mother is from Ermihaifalva and came to the United States in 1949.She had a brother-in-law (he was married to her sister who died in Auchwitz) who survived the war and remained in the area. I believe he was a monument engraver. We would like to know if he is still alive. His name is Gershon Schwartz and my mother would like to find out this information. Her name is now Irene Oppenheimer (nee Teitelbaum). I would also like to know if there is someone who could help me find the grave of my grandmother who died in the late 1920's and is buried in Tard. Her name was Mariska Teitelbaum. Any help with any of these things would be most appreciated. Thanks

John Spencer ( Spitz Noni ) -
Montreal, Que. Canada
 --  10/13/2007

Left Oradea Feb.1961...
This past May I returned to Oradea and walked down "memory lane.”
It was an emotional experience to see my birthplace, preschool, elementary (Petru Groza) and high school (Gojdu).
It seemed that time has frozen since I left, not much has changed. Pleasant surprise was to see the evolution of the Jewish Community. In retrospect, my stay was short however it rekindled an interest from the past upon which I have been reflecting more often in the last few months then ever before.
I guess I must be getting old and sentimental.
That said I will be looking forward in the near future for a longer visit.

Tonja C. Fleischer -
Lake Panasoffkee, FL United States
 --  9/29/2007

I am looking for information on my husband’s family, his father in law is first generation American. My father-in-law’s name is Ronald Minigus Fleischer, his fathers name is Martin Fleischer, mothers name is Johanna. They both came over through Ellis Island (?), but at different times. She came over with her family and he came over with his mother. His mother might have been divorced.

Vivian Kahn -
Oakland, California
 --  9/24/2007

I am seeking information about my second cousins Judit (Dici) and Gabor Rosenblum from Nagyvarad. Their parents were Mano Rosenblum and Maria Rosenberg. Maria's mother Josefine was my paternal grandfather's sister. Dici was reportedly deported to in 1942-43 and is on a list of Stutthof prisoners. Family members say that she perished at Auschwitz but I have found no evidence of that. Gabor survived the Shoah and returned to Nagyvarad. According to one of our cousins, he aroused the interest of the secret police when he tried to access funds that their father , Dr. Mano Rosenblum, had deposited in a Swiss bank before the war. In 1946, Gabi wrote to the Swiss bank inquiring about his father's account. The government censors intercepted the letter and reported him to the Securitate. He was imprisoned, tortured, and finally released, but never recuperated. He died in 1946 after being hit by a streetcar; nobody knows whether he committed suicide or was pushed.

Marton Ozren -
Zagreb, Croatia
 --  9/16/2007

I am looking information about my family from Oradea. My great grandfather was born in 1878, his name is Josef Marton. He moved to Sarajevo, Bosnia and stayed there.

Ladislav Fuchs -
N.Bethesda Maryland USA
 --  9/15/2007

I am looking for information about my father who died in Oradea in 1950. His Name Fuchs Marton Marci, who had plastic (Bakelit) factory. My mother?s name is Anna Felfman Fuchs. if any one knows any thing about my family I will be very thankful.
My email is.
Tel 847-922-2282
fax 301.896.0125

T. Bing -
South Africa
 --  8/26/2007

I am looking information in connection with my Grandfather who was in Germany Samuel Bing. He and his brothers had to leave Germany. My father was an orphan. I had an uncle Max Bing. I think was his brother and my aunt's name was Hannah. I really have very little information about my grandfather.

Judith Ganea -
Winnipeg, Canada
 --  8/10/2007

I sent a message in Hungarian , I will repeat in English the question. If someone know about Eva David and Katz Zsuzsi from Oradea. Eva lived on Zoldfa utca 1 and Zsuzsi at 5, where I lived to until 1989. Eva David father was a painter and they immigrated in Los Angeles in the 1965-67. I kept in touch with her and met her again around 1973 when she was visiting Oradea. Since then I lost track of her. She was married to a Hungarian man from Hungary. I would like if somebody know about her to help me to find her. My other friend and neighbor was Zsuzsi Katz, her father Tibi Katz was auto mechanic and they immigrated in Detroit around the same time. If you know about Eva and Zsuzsi perhaps you can help me. Thanks

Franka -
 --  8/9/2007

I am the grandson of Ullmann Family from To from Oradea. I am very interested in researching my family and would love to hear from you. You can also email me at danfranka@hotmail.com or call me

Thank you

Chaim Kurz-
Union City NJ USA
 --  8/8/2007

My mother is seeking pictures from her late brothers who were killed in the holocaust. Are there any school records with pictures?
Please send respose to ckurz17@aol.com    

Erika Yanovich-Holon -
 --  7/30/2007

Thanks for all the efforts of the Lempert family, including this great site.

I was born in Oradea (as Berger Erika) in 1963 and immigrated to Israel in 1981.

My father, Berger Jeno was a prominent member of the local Jewish Community (in which I grew up) until he died in 1977. His entire family (in Szentjob and later Szekejhid) was murdered in Auschwitz, except for one sister, Sziszi (Ester) who married Klein Levi and lived in Szekejhid till 1970 when they immigrated to Israel with their two children Kati and Gabi.

My husband Janovics Peter was also born in Oradea in 1954 and studied at Gojdu. His Janovics grandfather owned a kosher deli on the main street before the war.

If any of you recognize our names and would like to be in touch, we can be reached at: erika_y@rad.com and peter.yanovich@intel.com respectively.    

Alex Borla (Weiss) -
Camarillo California
 --  7/4/2007

My mother Agnes Weiss , my aunt Sophie Weiss and myself we were all born in Ermihalyfalva. I would like to hear from friends and relatives

spitz meidi -
rishon le zion, israel
 --  6/30/2007

hello all
my name is rivka ( meidi) spitz and this is the first time that ive been visiting your site. i was born in the jewish hospital of ordea in february 1947. im the daughter of spitz jeno and backman olga. we lived in Ermihalyfalva untill 1950 we moved to israel. tomorrow i am going, for the first time since i left ermyihalyfalva, to visit the region and the village. i am looking for any information that could help my search. especially the surnames backman and weiss ( my mothers family). great to know such site exists


Eric R. Rosenbaum -
W. Hollywood, CA USA
 --  6/29/2007

Our family started in Oradea in 1848 when my Great Great Grandfather Samuel was mustered out of the Imperial Russian Army there due to his wounds. His son Morris Rosenbaum came to the USA and eventually settled in Philadelphia, PA. Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you can provide any information regarding our family and its friends. eric.rosenbaum@mailexcite.com

David Lempert -
 --  6/27/2007

To make these memorials relevant to the people of Oradea today and to the members of the Oradea community in the Diaspora, we should focus on the IDEAS that developed there and what was special about the interaction of different groups there in the past, to offer something that is a model to be applied today. Otherwise, our memorial will just be a kind of a cemetery of something in the past that has died. Join me in supporting Diaspora Bridge Centers for the region, to build new bridges and reinvigorate the ideas that made multi-ethnic communities like Oradea special.

Eric Hitter -
Antwerp Belgium
 --  6/25/2007

I would like to know if there is still a Jewish community in Oradea.  How many familes or people live in Nagyvarad? Is there a Rabbi Kehila and the usual standard Jewish life?

Eric Hitter

Eric Hitter -
Antwerp Belgium
 --  6/4/2007

I would like to see some progress in the building of the promised memorial of Nagyvarad. It was one of the nicest Jewish communities in Transylvania. It deserves a nice museum. Hopefully it will be achieved.

Pauline Herbach -
Fremont, California, USA
 --  6/1/2007

This is the first time I have been on your website. This is a wonderful tribute. My father was Alfred Spitz , born in 1924 in Nagyvarad. He passed in 1980 in Bay Shore, New York, USA where he had lived since 1954. He was the only survivor of his family of 4. His father Arthur, mother Serena, and sister Leah all perished at Auschwitz.

Thank you.

Herrman - USA  --  5/31/2007


We will be coming to Oradea on the 19th of June 07 to research about Jewish family who used to live in Szekelyhid at the beginning of the 20th century. We are looking for archives where we could find information. Do you know if such archives exist in Oradea ? If so, could you give me their address and phone number ?

Thank you very much for your help,

Paul Hamburg -
 --  4/16/2007

My mother was born in Oradea (Gelberg Annus) and married my father (Hamburg Josef), lived in Koloszvar until being deported to Bergen Belsen. wonder who might remember her history.......

Miguel Fruchter -
Israel , Mehir Gershon, Jerusalem
 --  4/5/2007

My Grandparents Moises David Z''L, born in 1903 In Maramuresh, the village called Seshel. Hif father was Samuel Fruchter and his mother Hanse Rosenberg. They had 13 children, 12 boys, 1 girl, and he was the youngest. He made the  militarh servkce and my grandfather left to South America after the 1st world war in 1927. He married in Uruguay with Rosa Fruchter. She also had the same family name and was born in Romania in Borsah in 1904 and she had 6 sisters and 1 brother. Please let me know if there is any Fruchter from your community.

Nitsan -
Haifa - Israel
 --  3/30/2007


I'm looking for people from Nagyvarad area. My grandpa was born in Vadul Crisului, he's 78 years old, and looking for people his age/older/younger who still live around there, to chat with.. he uses a lot his email. He speaks both Hungarian and Romanian. Please contact me, my email address is:

Eli Katz MD -
Santa Barbara, California, USA
 --  3/16/2007

My wife and I and 2 kids will be in Budapest for Passover. My Mom is from Oradea. We are looking for a place to go for a seder the 1st night of Passover either in Budapest or Oradea. We can bring wine and dessert. We would love to meet a nice Jewish Hungarian family.


Eli Katz MD - Santa Barbara, California, USA  --  3/16/2007

My Mom is Sarah Berkovits. Her 2 sisters Toby and Roszi survived. My mom is 81 years old. She lost 6 siblings including Mandy and Srul and her parents Elias and Frieda. Elias sold fruits and vegetables. My cousin wrote a 60 page story after interviewing his Mom, Toby:
I am coming to Hungary for the 1st time on April 1. Please e-mail to me if you know anything about my family. I am a Psychiatrist in Santa Barbara California.


Andrei grosz -
Madison new jersey
 --  3/15/2007

Looking for relatives of my grand father solomon d golda grosz

Damó Gyöngyi -
Düsseldorf, Germany
 --  2/27/2007

1955-ben születtem Nagyváradon és 1974-ben végeztem a Mogyorósiban (a 3-ban ) , a Revilákné osztályában. Čdesapámat, Damó Zoltánt, a szabót, akinek a Teleki utcán volt üzlete biztosan sokan ismerték közzületek. Ö édesanyám halála után újra nösült és Krausz Malvint vette el.
Aki velem járt iskolába, vagy ismert engem, vagy csak szeretné velem felvenni a kapcsolatot...örülnék ha jelentkezne. A Rapaport László álltal rendezett nagyváradiak találkozóján, május elsö hétvégéjén én is ott leszek. Hátha néhányatokkal ott találkozhatnék. Szeretettel üdvözlök minden váradit !
Címem :
Gyöngyi Damo-Hansen
40595 Düsseldorf
Tel : +49 / 211 / 70 77 36
Mobil : +49 / 163 / 18 96 459
E-mail : gy.hansen@gmx.de
Skype : gyongyi.damo.hansen

Paulo Ungar -
New York, USA
 --  2/24/2007

Just for the record, my father Ferencz Ungar survived the Concentration Camp of Auschwitz and after a few years in Europe he went to Brazil were he met my mother, Lenke Tamas Ungar.

Therefore, his name which shows in your list as deceased is not correct. He lost in the Concentration Camp his father (Jakab), his mother (Julia) and his sister (Vera).

If any of you knew him and would like to get in contact please email me at: ungarpe@aol.com.

Paulo Ungar

W.Muegendt -
 --  21/23/2007

Looking for Szabatkay Miklos.Leaving in Germany(Aachen?).Please contact me.Willy.

Tommy Sharir -
Toronto Canada
 --  2/12/2007

I would appreciate if somebody could provide me with some information about the two Friedman Peter's(specially the taller one,Frici ) or any other common friends.

Tommy Sharir (Schreier)

Dina -
Brooklyn, New York, USA
 --  2/11/2007

Hello, my brother lives in Maramures, Romania, and i wanted to know if there is any way you can help him find a jewish girlfriend in Romania. He is a very nice serious guy, and he would like to date a nice jewish girl. please let me know, at didee647@aol.com

Roger Adler -
san antonio, texas
 --  2/10/2007

My grandmother Moriz Adler was born around 1863 in Grosswardin (oradea). I would like to find out about his family, my ancestors. Could someone in Oradea research this for me. I would be willing to pay for such research.

Roger Adler
Telephone: usa 210 493-1713

Ramon Ernesto Lembert -
North Carolina, USA
 --  1/31/2007

I was born in 1966. My gradfather name was Nicolas Lembert. I have an ancestor whose name was Nicholaus LEMBERT - born in 1741 ,Germany. As per this web site: http://www.familysearch.org/Eng/Search/ancestorsearchresults.asp?standardize=N&last_name=Lembert

The Lembert family and the Lempert family are one, and of Jewish roots.

Can you confirm that for me please. Thanks!

My Email: e.lembert@gmail.com

Rappaport László -
Budapest, Hungary
 --  1/23/2007

Minden évben , május elso hétvégéjén Siófokon rendezem 17 éve a Külföldön Élo Nagyváradiak Különleges Összejövetelét (KÉNKO) Szeretettel várok mindenkit.
Tel: 0036703807875
E-mail: konzultchem.bt@chello.hu

Fischer Peter -
Budapest, Hungary
 --  1/23/2007

Looking for everybody from Nagyvarad.  If you want to come to the Nagyvarad annual meeting in Hungary, May 5th, don’t hesitate to contact me.

E MAIL corvinp@freemail.hu
phone nr. +36309212522,+36305130147.

Bye and take care
Fischer Peter

Dr. Tiberiu Leib (Lob Tibi) -
Voorhees, NJ, USA
 --  1/17/2007

I was born in 1947 in Oradea and went to Gojdu - left for Israel in 1964 and eventually to the US in 1977. My sister Dr. Anat Yedwab (Lob Agi) who is 3 years younger than I and my mother Leib Bella (Lob Bella) live in Jerusalem. My father (Z'L) Leib Leopold (Lob Layos) was a tailor in Oradea and his first wife and 2 children died in the concentration camps, as well as his father and mother and 8 siblings. My father died in Israel in 1974. In Oradea we lived at 3 Bemer Ter (later Piata Stalin) across from the Theater.

I am looking for friends that I lost contact with since leaving Oradea. One of them is Friedman Peter, who left Oradea a few years before I did and I heard he may have ended up in France, but I was never able to find him. Another is Grosz Peter who for a while lived in Philadelphia in the ‘80s but I lost contact with him. Anyone else who remembers me is welcome to contact me. I attended the reunion in 2000 and am hoping that we will have another maybe in Oradea soon.


Hitter Eric -
Antwerp Belgium
 --  1/13/2007

Is there any progress in building a Jewish Museum inNagyvarad/Oradea? I was born there and would like to see some remembrance of the big Jewish Community that existed before the war.

Kinds Regards,
Eric Hitter

Nachum Katz -
Hadera, Israel
 --  1/13/2007

For those looking for graves of people buried in the Velence cemetery, I could not find old graves there, and the cemetery is kept in very bad shape, and the old graves can not be found, nor are they properly registered.

One should still try with the Hebrew Community in Oradea, they might have some data about people people there.


Joel Roth -
 --  1/4/2007

My name is Joel Roth. My grandfather Markusz Roth (deported from Debrecen to Auschwitz where he died in June 1944) was born in Ermihalyfalva, and his mother's grave is in the Jewish Cemetery there.

The synagogue of Ermihalyfalva seems to need some renovation and care. Is there any institution or fund that can take care of this?

lya -
 --  12/30/2006

I am looking for MARTON AGI, born in Oradea, she lived in Israel a few years, then moved to Hungary.

This is a message for Tommy Schreier: my name is lya, I vas born in Oradea, Colonel Buzoianu st. 20. I think you must be the boy who lived near where the street began.


Kondash Jancsi - Nagyvarad - Israel - Budapest  --  12/17/2006

Nem kevés ismeros nevét találtam, böngészve e lapot. (Füredi Nano, Izsák Tibi, Roth Matyi, Komlósi-testvérek, Geroe Zsuzsi stb.)
Boldog lennék, ha még többel kapcsolatot tudnék teremteni. 66-ban érettségiztem a Gojdu-ban, 80-ban kerültem Izraelbe, s több mint három éve Budapesten dolgozom és élek.
Kapcsolat: janos48@t-online.hu
telefon: +36-30-330-6006

Frank Klein - Rye Brook, New York, USA  --  12/10/2006

I am looking for the birthplace of my father and his three brothers. They lived in the Oradea region through the first two decades of the 1900s. They left for America in 1920 and were probably from Boianu Mare (in Romanian) or Tasnadbajom (in Hungarian). My grandmother's passport spells the name of their town as "Boian."
My great grandmother's name was Kata Biermann.
My grandfather's name was Bela.
My grandmother's name was Fanny Klein.
My father's name was Arpad Klein
His brother's names were: Geza Klein and Akos Klein.

Does anyone know someone who is familiar with the Jewish families living in the town of Boianu Mare/Tasnadbajom from 1900 to 1920? Can you advise me how I might go about searching for my family's records? The family's last names are Klein and Biermann (my great grandmother): we are Hungarian Jews. Four brothers left for America in 1920 with their mother and grandmother; their father (my grandfather) was killed in 1913.

My cousin, Valerie Wayne, will be traveling to the area next April after teaching for several weeks at the University of Szeged in Hungary. This will be her first trip to Eastern Europe, and she does not have the language skills necessary for detailed research, but there is a linguist at the University of Szeged who has helped her locate the town where our family probably lived and who may assist her in locating birth, marriage, or death records in Oradea.

Where do you suggest we try to look for these documents? At one of the remaining synagogues? At a municipal office? Is Oradea the best place to begin? Is there another person whom we should consult with these questions? If you have any advice, I would be very grateful for it. I am copying my cousin Valerie Wayne on this message. I await your early reply.

With many thanks,
Please contact me at Frankklein@msn.com or my cousin Valerie Wayne Vwayne@hawaii.edu

Judith Ganea - Winnipeg Canada  --  12/9/2006

I was born in Nagyvarad (Oradea) in 1954 as Klerman David daughter. Dr.Terez Mozes is my father's cousin. I found out that Dr.Terez Mozes immigrated in the summer of 2006 to Israel to her son Dr. Gabriel Mozes. I would like to get in contact with Dr. ANNA (MOZES) HERCZ, Terez Mozes's daughter from Montreal, Dr Gabriel Mozes from Israel and their mother dr. Terez Mozes. They are my only relatives from my father’s side. My father Klerman David left Oradea when I was 2 years old in 1956 and I never had a chance to see him again. I would love to find my father's family. My Email is ganeaj@mts.net.

Thank you for the opportunity created by this project. This is a wonderful initiative to preserve the Jewish community from Nagyvarad. Thank you for everybody who contributed to this project.

Joseph Tirpak - Ct.  --  12/7/2006

My Daughter is doing family ancestry & we are trying to find out more info on my grandmother if possible. She was from Hungary, where she was born we do not know. Her name, Elzbieta Szirmai, born 1882/1883.  We believe after she married over there she wound up in Ungvar; they came to the USA in early 1900's.


Cindy Feuerstein - New York, New York USA  --  12/6/2006

My father grew up in Fegyvernek. His father was a Rabbi Illos his wife, Maria and their children, Magda, Eva, Alize, Bela, Tibor, Iboly, Ernu, Erna, Imre and Erzsi. I am trying to find pictures of their village. They lived next door to the temple. At age 10 my father was taken to the concentration camps. His father was presumed killed.

Everyone else survived. This month my father will be in the USA for 50 years. The so-called Hungarian Gold Train and retribution is a farce. There is no retribution for my father or his family. He remembers Kiddush cups, Torahs and shofars that I'm sure are destroyed. I'm trying to find pictures of his childhood, the town he came from... anything. Can any one help or make suggestions? I can be reached via e-mail to Shoody@aol.com

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Esther Lainer - 8859 Cashio St -Los Angeles, CA 90035  --  12/2/2006

I am looking for a Vera, whose mothers's maiden name might have been Csilag or Bienenstock and who was hiding in Budapest during the war. She had an uncle, Marton, who survived the war in Zvolen but died not long afterwards. I have her picture from around 1947-48 from a graduation from a school in Budapest that she sent to my mother Etus Rosman (born Bienenstock in in Nyarad Szered or Miercurea Niraj in Romania).

Paulo Ungar -
8859 Cashio St -Los Angeles, CA 90035
 --  12/2/2006

Just for the record, my father Ferencz Ungar survived the Concentration Camp of Auschwitz and after a few years in Europe he went to Brazil were he met my mother, Lenke Tamas Ungar.

Therefore, his name which shows in your list as deceased is not correct. He lost in the Concentration Camp his father (Jakab), his mother (Julia) and his sister (Vera).

If any of you knew him and would like to get in contact please email me at: ungarpe@aol.com.

Paulo Ungar

Harry Mendelovich -
New York City, NY, USA
 --  12/1/2006

I would like to purchase a book written about the Oradea Jewery. Its name in Hungarian is: “Varad a Viharban", edited by Katona Bela and published in 1946. I do not know of any translations of this book, but if there is a Romanian translation I am interested as well. The name in English should be "Oradea under Storm". If you can help me, please contact me at this E-Mail: galitharry@yahoo.com
Harry Mendelovich

Barb -
 --  10/3/2006

I want to find out where my grandfather is from. All I know is Germany. His name is Loues A Gatzel, born I think in 1893.

Ildiko Vas Salomie -
Mount Albert, Ontario, Canada
 --  9/28/2006

I was born in Oradea. My grandfather was Fekete Sandor. I immigrated to Israel in 1975 and 1978 I came in Canada. If anybody knew me and would like to get in touch my E-mail is: ildikosalomie1@msn.com

Paulo Ungar -
New York, NY USA
 --  9/25/2006

Just for the record, my father Ferencz Ungar survived the Concentration Camp of Auschwitz and after a few years in Europe he went to Brazil were he met my mother, Lenke Tamas Ungar...

Therefore, his name which shows in your list as deceased is not correct. He lost in the Concentration Camp his father (Jakab), his mothet (Julia) and his sister (Vera).

Tibi Grosz -
Israel, Herzliah
 --  9/18/2006

Well, as many people wrote, the site, or the idea behind it, is very interesting and, most of all, helps to re-establish old acquaintances. For me, as an example, to find the whereabouts of Miki Komlosi and his family in Antwerpen.

Something about myself: I was born near Baia Mare and moved to Oradea in 1952.  To Eva Grosz: Having the same last name, I do not think we are related even though my father's first wife's last name was Abraham. She had two sons, Tibi & Oszi. All perished in WW2.

From my mother's side, she has was born in Satu Mare and moved to Oradea when she was a little girl. She was an Uljhazi and lived next to the Jewish hospital. I know that her brother, Zoli, was born in Oradea, emigrated to Israel in '47 and on to Montreal in 1962. She also had two sisters, who also may have been born in Oradea. One of the sisters was married to Bernstein Joska from Valea Lui Mihay.

Those asking for people that lived in this village can contact Mrs. Judit Gluck from Toronto, E-mail - jjudita@sympatico.ca. She was a Treuhaft before she became Gluck. The Treuhafts are also related to the Uljhazi Family. I am aware of one Treuhaft in Ashkelon and one from New York, both passed away, but still in touch with the remainder of the family.

Another tree of my family are the Rosenbergs, who had a store in the Ulmann Palota before WW2. The brother, Mike Rand (changed his name when fled Romania to Canada) passed away. Two sisters, Bozsi (Blau) and Eva (Halmi) now reside in Cote St. Luck, Canada.

For you, Tommy Sharir (Schreier), just in case, Tommy Blau and his brother, Steven (Istvan) live in Toronto. I know that you know Tommy but I am not aware if you are in touch with him.

Finally, I hope that I have contributed a little to this site.

For anyone that wants to send some feedback:

E-mail: tibig07@012.net.il or tibig@elal.co.il
Mobile: +972-54-2466553

Yossi Peled (Pollak) -
 --  9/2/2006

Could you please help me contact (by phone or E-Mail) Mr. Alex Sivan, Director of the Jewish communities of Romania. Please return by my E-Mail.

Best regards, and thank you for your help.
Yossi Peled

Mihai Robert Soran, b. Schwartz -
Frankfurt / Germany
 --  8/26/2006

I was more than surprised to see that the Jozsef Szücs, one of the most wonderful people who saved many Jewish lives during the Holocaust (and lost his Jewish wife and children) isn''t mentioned at all as one of the "righteous". Despite the fact that the Wiesel Holocaust Commission's Final Report 2004 dedicates him a full paragraph. "In 1942, soon after Iozsef Szucs was placed in charge of several forced labor battalions, he proceeded to fundamentally improve their situation: he offered shelter, brought a physician, cancelled arrests and physical punishments, improved food, replaced abusive guards, and instituted the right to rest leave. In 1944, he helped dozens of Jewish families to leave the ghetto and take refuge in Romania. Unfortunately, Szucs was unable to save his own Jewish wife and children from deportation."

After my grandfather, Dr. Izsák Mihály (mentioned in the Ghetto chapter here), was murdered in a concentration camp and my grandmother Izsák Ida (born Dicker) and mother Izsák Hedi (Hedwig) survived, my grandmother has married Szücs Iozsef, so that he became my step-grandfather. I was still a youngster, but a proud one as he was invited to Jerusalem by the many Jews he helped survive.

He deserves to be remembered on this site.

Many thanks and kindest regards,

Mihai Robert Soran ( born Schwartz)
Henry-Budge-Str. 65
60320 Frankfurt, Germany

Mr I bing -
New Zealand
 --  7/25/2006

I am looking for a member of the Bucharest Jewish community who is an architect or intersted in architecture to help me find a modernist architectural structure designed by my grandfather. It was a commercial shop - very finely fitted ( a luxury tobbacconist). Do you know any leaders of the Jewish community in Bucharest that you could refer me to that have an interest in Jewish Art and Design in the 1920s and 1930s?

My grandfather made it out of Czechoslovakia alive and continued to practice as an architect here in New Zealand but he was Czech - but his clients, many of whom were Jewish were from all over Europe....including Bucharest. I have a photographer in Bucharest who will help me find the structure but I am looking fo ra local Jewish architect to collaborate with on finding old photographs in the press or local publications on the structure.

I hope you may be able to help.

I bing

Kelly Nurnberg -
United States
 --  7/24/2006

I would like to find out about Izidor Schwartz, my great grandfather was Izidor Schwartz and I wanted to know if this is the one.

Franz-Albert VAN DEN BUSSCHE -
Lacroix-Falgarde, France
 --  7/24/2006

I think you made a mistake in "An Introduction to its Jewish History" chapter "Charity, Civic Life, Culture", 5th paragraph. I think it's a little confuse between "hid" and "holnap". My grandmother, Jutka Miklos, told me she was a member of the "holnap" group not the "hid".

For memory, my grandmother, Jutka Miklós was born in 1887 in Berettyóújfalu. Her real name was Militzer (I found also Miletzer on the net). She told me that her family was deported during holocaust, at this time she was in Morocco since 1927.

Best wishes for all.  In French -- Le bonjour ŕ tous, meilleurs souvenirs de Toulouse.

Szirmai-Milko Veronika -
Nuenen Hollandia
 --  7/11/2006

Ismerte valaki Szekely Sarikat szuletett Kunetz?
Szabadkai szarmazasu, Nagyvaradon elt ferjevel es ket kislanyaval. Edesapam nagynenje volt. Az egesz chaladot deportaltak, vagy utkozben elpusztitottak. Minden infoprmacionak elore is halas koszonet.

Mas: ki tudja a nagyvaradi zsido hittkozseg cimet?

Susan Geroe -
San Diego, CA
 --  7/10/2006

This is in response to V.Szirmai-Miko and others who would like to have the address of the Jewish Community Center in Oradea:

Comunitatea Evreiasca
Str. Mihai Viteazul No.4
3700 Oradea

Agnes Grossinger -
San Jose, CA, USA
 --  7/3/2006

I would like to report that the Holocaust Memorial monument in the Carei cemetery has some damage. Can you tell me to whom can I report this damage to?

Agi (Rosner) Grossinger

Veronika Szirmai-Milko -
Nuenen, The Netherlands
 --  6/30/2006

Thank you for putting my message on the Forum. Could you add my e-mail address as well? It is:
Sorry for extra effort.

 --  6/29/2006

This message is for
V.Szilmal-Milko Nueman,The Netherlands
Send a E-Mail to info@nlempert.org,with your request i am sure they will be able to help you

Vera Hecht@aol.com

V. Szirmai-Milko -
Nuenen, The Netherlands
 --  6/26/2006

My father's aunt Szekely Sarika born Kunetz and her family lived in Nagyvarad. They were deported or killed before they could arrive anywhere. Does anybody know where I could find some information or maybe there is somebody who remembers them. Something else: I would like to have the address of the Centre of the Oradea Jewish community. Thanks for reading me.

Brooklyn, NY
 --  6/21/2006

I would like to now if anyone knows Serah Schwatz, from Sydney Australia. Was born in Romania Transylvania, from Auschwitz was taken to a bomb factory, and then to Thereisinstadt, from where she was liberated in 1945. I was taken from Auschwitz also to a bomb factory, and was liberated in Thereisienstadt May 9 1945.Maybe we where in the same camp.  The camp name was Teplic Shanau.

Avromie Rosenfeld -
Brooklyn, NY
 --  6/12/2006

I would like to knew anyone who knew Avrohom Brachyeh Rosenfeld from Antwerp, Belgum. If you knew him please email tut_vey@hotmail.com

Jeff Sklar -
Los Angeles, CA, USA
 --  6/7/2006

I am trying to find out if the street known as Pece Utca in Nagyvarad, Hungary is now known as Pacii Street in Oradea, Romania. Any thoughts is appreciated. Please email me at jsklar@loeb.com.

Sue Gena Lurie -
Fort Worth, Texas USA
 --  5/28/2006

In trying to gather information on my Great Aunt Irene/Inka MOOR [born 1886 +/-, in Grosswardein; Mother Karoline BLOCH, from Grosswardein; father Simon MOOR, originally from Kisujszallas] I have run across MOOR's living in Sydney Australia, and a Y. Z. MOOR who moved to Kibbutz Ga'Aton in Israel. Would any of the MOORs, or Bloch's know of Inka and her family; and would anyone know of Y Z MOOR and his family in Israel, and how I might contact him/or them?

Sue Gena Lurie
Fort Worth, Texas USA
home email - lurie@worldnet.att.net
office email - slurie@hsc.unt.edu

Sue Gena Lurie -
Fort Worth, Texas USA
 --  5/28/2006

I am trying to gather information on family members who origanlly came from Oradea. My great Aunt Irene/Inka MOOR was born in Grosswardein in 1886 ±; her mother was Karoline BLOCH ; her father was Simon MOOR [I think from Kisujszallas, Hungary - near Szolnok]; she had a sister Czekus [about the same age as Inka]; and a brother [Emil of whom nothing is known]. Irene and Czekus went to school in Budapest; Inka married an American Doctor - my great uncle - in Vienna in 1909, and shortly thereafter moved to the United States, as did her sister; we have no idea what happened to her brother, or her father or mother.

Would the Jewish community have any information on the Bloch's and Moor's; and would they know / have any records of them through the twenties, thirties, through the Hurban, and, perhaps, after that?

Thank you for any assistance.

Sue Gena LURIE, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Social and Behavioral Sciences
School of Public Health
University of North Texas Health Science Center
3500 Camp Bowie Boulevard
Fort Worth, Texas 76107
office email: slurie@hsc.unt.edu
office fax: 817-735-0255
home email: lurie@worldnet.att.net

Grosz Eva -
Caracas, Venezuela
 --  5/17/2006

I'm trying to find someone of my family. My father, Z´L, was Grosz Sándor, born in 1902 in Gyortelek. My mother (Z'L) was Aurelia Abraham, born in 1911 in Alba Iulia (Gyulafehérvár). I would like to find someone of my family. My father lost his first wife & his too sons in Auschwitz. I am the only one child of his second marriage & would appreciate very much if you can bring me some information to: eva_grosz@hotmail.com. Thank you.

nava levanon -
herzelya israel
 --  5/11/2006

my father's family was in oradea befor the war. how it is possible to find out where they were taken from there? their names were:
goldenberg /charash gisha (the mother)
moshe-ystchak (father)
thank you very much for your help

Orit Berl -
Kiriat Bialik, Israel
 --  4/29/2006

Hello, I was very happy to discover by chance this site. My family on my mother's side came from Oradea and I'm sure I'll find lots of information on this site to assist me in my geneology search. I added a few names of my relatives to your important list of deportees. I would appreciate it if you could notify me when the list on the site will be updated.

Thank you very much,

Gene Waggaman -
Stamford, Ct., U.S.A.
 --  4/27/2006

Norbert's suggestion that we try to fold the project under the auspices of AJC or B'nai B'rith is a good one. The idea recognizes that what is important here is that the project move forward, and that if the cost is some small loss of control it may well be worth the price. There is indeed a logjam at present, and it does not appear that there is any way to predict when -- or if -- it may break. As Norbet indicates, the scope and reach of these two organizations brings some obvious clout and some new, subtle pressure to the table. I'd vote for aggressively investigating this avenue to accomplish our mission.

Norbert Lempert -
Stamford, Ct., U.S.A.
 --  4/25/2006

Dear Friends,

Many months have gone by since we last provided an update about the ongoing effort to create a new Jewish museum and family learning center in Oradea, in the building that was once the Teleki St. Synagogue.  The reason is that we are at an impasse with the leadership of the Romanian Jewish Community, concerning the terms of the arrangement that would give us access to the building.

Please take a moment to review the update just posted by clicking here.

And please share your views, suggestions and questions about these matters, by posting a message in this forum. Let us know if you support our effort or if you feel it should be dropped.  And let us know if you would be willing to help us lobby for a reasonable arrangement with the Jewish Community of Romania.

Thank you and best regards,  

Norbert Lempert

Paul Kuhnz -
Newport Beach, CA
 --  4/16/2006

I am planning a trip to Budapest and would love to find the town where my father was born and spent his youth.. He went to school in Nagyvarod but lived in a town that sounded like Piszkarkos. His name was Eugene Kun (changed to Kuhn after immigrating to the USA) and his family owned the general store and tavern in this town. I would like to know the current name of this town so I could visit it

Joseph Katz -
Los Angeles
 --  4/9/2006

While going through some of my mother's papers, I located a form which stated that her mother was a member of the Ermihalyfalva community. Can anyone please give me some info on this community? You can respond to ya139999@yahoo.com

A.V. -
 --  4/9/2006

To Dana M.from Israel
I read your message to CA Ullmann from Manchester and I want to know more about the Ullmann family from Oradea. I am Romanian lawyer and I live just near Palatul Ullmann in Oradea.I am very interested in the history of the Jews from Oradea-Mare, especially in great families of the past (Ullmann,Guttmann,etc). Please,contact me on this forum! Thank you.

Nachum Katz -
Hadera, Israel
 --  4/7/2006

Unfortunately the Velence in the old cemetery it impossible to find graves because it grew so much weed and is neglected. If there was a way to clean it and make sure the graves are kept clear it would be wonderful, what could we possibly do?

Gabriele Lempert-Rehor -
Vienna, Austria
 --  4/5/2006

to Elie Levy Lempert - Caracas, Venezuela:

My grandfather was Otto Lempert from Vienna, Austria. He died in Buchenwald. His brother, Walter Lempert, emigrated to Cochabamba, Bolivia, and later emigrated to Israel. He and his wife adopted a girl from Cochabamba.
Any similiarities? I think I have no relatives in Romania. Anybody know anything about it?

Dana M -
 --  3/29/2006

Hello to CA Ullman from Manchester,

I have read you have been looking for the Ullman family from Oradea and its various branches. I believe there are many Ullman families, I don't know if we are the ones you have been looking for, but we are a branch of the Ullman family from Palatul Ullman. You didn't leave any e-mail so I will write mine. ydmarkus@bezeqint.net

Matthew(Matyi) Roth -
Staten Island, NY
 --  3/27/2006

I'm writing in response to Leslie Weinberg's questions. First of all my mother died in 2003, so I can't ask her about your grandmother's sister. However, the name Rojie, is most likely spelled Rozsi, which is short for Rozalia in Hungarian. Therefore, in official (birth certificates, etc.) records, the name used would most likely be Rozalia. As far as Rulikovszky is concerned, that's the biggest cemetery in Oradea, and it does have Jews buried there. Hope this helps.

Leslie Weinberg -
Great Neck, NY
 --  3/17/2006

Matthew Roth wrote "Regarding the message written by Leslie Weinberg, Oradeans were indeed in Stutthof, because my mother (Anna), was there. She was deported from Oradea with her mother and sister, but only she survived. I was born in Oradea in 1948, and came to the US in 1965."

Matthew, did your mother, by any chance know anyone named Rojie, or Rosa, with a daughter named Elvira?

My daughter-in-law's family survived the war also, and her mother was born in Tyczyn in 1946. Three years later, the family left for Israel.

Leslie Weinberg -
Great Neck, NY
 --  3/14/2006

I have posted earlier about my grandmother and her family from Oradea. Through a researcher, I now have birth records of nine of the eleven children of my great-grandparents. The researcher confirmed my grandmother's maiden name, Hani November, married to Adolph (Abraham) Reiz (Reisz, Reis), but says there is no record of the marriage or of Hani's birth. He says he looked at the synagogue records. Is there anywhere else those records could be? I also need to find a marriage record for my grandmother's sister Rojie, so I can fill out POTs for her and her two children, Paula and Elvira. My grandmother is supposedly buried in Rulikovski Cemetery. Can anyone tell me anything about this cemetery, since I have never heard of it mentioned in relation to Oradea?

Eva Markovits -
Nashville, Tennesee
 --  2/20/2006

A cousin of yours named Guttman Pista din Carei, contacted me now from Switzerland where he lives now, after I posted my search for you. If you want to contact him, get in touch with me. Agi

Lise Grossinger -
 --  2/15/2006

bonjour, good morning, de st jerome quebec canada, a vous tous,all of you, GROSSINGER, de par le monde, worldwide, lise grossinger

Mügendt,Wilhelm -
Heusenstamm, Germany
 --  2/12/2006

I am looking for Edith Petershell.Please contact me on my E-mail:Wmgendt@aol.com.

Leah Max Weinberg -
 --  2/11/2006

Karl-Heinz Sperling, I am the niece of Max and Herbert Weinberg and I was excited to see you looking for my family but also bewildered that you did not include Willy Wolfgang Weinberg, their younger brother born on 11th July 1904.

I now am looking for my cousin Max Peronne, I think his name is, who was the son of Max Weinberg and born illigimately in Marseilles, before he was deported by the Nazi occupation there.

I had no idea my father's family came from Oberstein (today Idar-Oberstein- Germany) - I always thought they came from Kassel.

Max Weinberg 31.05.1901, Herbert Weinberg 15.06.00, brothers; now also Willy Wolfgang 11.07.1904 and also about their parents. Israel Weinberg, Eugene Weinberg (Levy) Max and Herbert had sister named Irma Weinberg and also Hedy, who was born after my father in 1905 or 1906.

My father married my mother Jose Letitia Higgs and I was born on 18.11.1953 and my brother Julius Rolf Weinberg was born on 27.12.1954.

My father died on 02.10.1972.

If anyone has any inforamation about Max Peronne please can you contact me at leahmashton@aol.com

Thank you and peace and best wishes to you all

Eric Hitter to Agi Grossinger -

This message is for Agi Grossinger. Was glad to hear from you.  Erica is my cousin from Nagyvarad,  now lives in Vienna, Austria. I see her now and then I go to visit my daughter Marilyn who also lives in Vienna.  Hoping to hear from you.

Kindest Regards, Eric Hitter

Wilhelm Mügendtr -
Heusenstamm, Germany
 --  2/4/2006

This message is for Edith Petershell. Please contacted me.Willy.

Matthew (Matyi) Roth -
Staten Island, NY
 --  1/28/2006

Regarding the message written by Leslie Weinberg, Oradeans were indeed in Stutthof, because my mother (Anna), was there. She was deported from Oradea with her mother and sister, but only she survived. I was born in Oradea in 1948, and came to the US in 1965.

Matthew (Matyi) Roth -
Staten Island, NY
 --  1/28/2006

Kedves Izsak Tibi!!
Ezt a par sort neked irom. En emlekszek rad, mi egy osztalyba voltunk a Gojdu-ba. Legy szives irjal nekem. Matthew@si.rr.comAdolf

Agi Grossinger - San Jose CA USA  --  1/21/2006

This message is for EVA MARKOVITS; a cousin of yours Guttman Pista from Nagykaroly, now living in Switzerland contacted me about you . Agi

Agi Grossinger -
San Jose CA USA
 --  1/21/2006

This message is for Eric Hitter.  Was Hitter Erika any relation to you? There were a lot of Hitter's in Oradea. PS.I lived in City of Amsterdam for 6 month in 1962,before emigrated to Detroit, USA

Elie Levy Lempert -
Caracas, Venezuela

Hi, my name is elie levy LEMPERT, my grandfather was Samuel Lempert from Romania, and I want to know if we have other family around the world

Aligal Richter -
 --  1/14/2006

I am looking for my father's identity. His name was Sender Mentrel. He said that his father, Szlomo, died in 1942 in Cluj. My father said that he was born on October 17, 1927 in Budapest. I checked it and did not find any record on this name. I think that he was born in Cluj but think that he changed his family name. His mother name was Rozalia. They were Orthodox? Do you have any idea how can I find my father's identity and my family roots?
my email: aligal@walla.co.il

Eric Hitter -
Antwerp, Belgium
 --  12/22/2005

Should anybody know anything about the Hitter Family from Oradea please get in touch. Ehitter@skynet.be

Yours truly,
Eric Hitter

Schwartz Adam -
Haifa Israe
 --  12/16/2005

I want to find my relatives from my father's side: Schwartz Andrei (Bandi) born in Oradea 1920 (son of Zoltan and Hermina) and my mother Magda born Frank daughter of Fanny and Adolf

Michoel Avrohom Gluck -
London England
 --  12/12/2005

My Grandfather lived in Nagy Szollos; he was Pesach Gluck and I know his father was Ignatz. Could you help me and tell me how to find any family remnants?

Leslie Weinberg -
Great Neck, NY, US
 --  12/9/2005

My grandmother, Adeline (nee Reiss) was born in Nagyvarad in 1895 to Otto (Abraham?) Reiss and Hanni (nee November). She came to the U.S. in 1913. I do not know whether the name was always Reiss, or whether it was Reich at one time. Her two sisters, Blanche and Helen, and one brother Jene, also came to the U.S. She left behind her mother Hanni ( who died in the 1930s), a brother Erno (or Erne) and a sister Rojie. Rojie later married and had two children, Elvira and Paula. We do not know what Rojie's married name was, or what the fate of the family was. I have found, on Pages of Testimony at Yad Vashem, the names of a Rojie Szegal (nee Reiss) and her daughter Elvira, although the dates do not jibe, which came from a list of victims at Stuthoff. The other daughter, Paula, is not mentioned. Is it possible that people from Oradea went to Stuthoff? Is there any way to find out whether Rojie's married name was Szegal?

Does anyone remember the Reiss family? My grandmother told me that her father had been a Rabbi and that he died when she was a young girl. I have been unable to locate any information on the graves in Oradea for my great-grandparents, Otto and Hanni. I am really trying to connect with my grandmother's past.

Georges Klein -
 --  11/18/2005

I am looking for the traces of the history of my family. My grandfather had a leather company in Oradea Mare and was deported to Birkinau Buchenwald. After his death we didn't have any inforrmation about family roots in Oradea. If you have some useful information about their former activity and location in the city please contact me.

Georges Klein

C A Ullmann -
Manchester, England
 --  11/9/2005

Dear Sirs,

Firstly, may I express appreciation on establishing a website to preserve the memory of the noble community of Oradea.

I am researching the Ullmann family of Oradea, and its various branches, including Pollack, Loewenstein, Binder and Klein. If any one has any info I would be very grateful to hear from them.

With Best wishes,
CA Ullman

Katz Peter - Israel Tel Aviv
 --  11/7/2005

I search for my brother and sister who's age in 1944 was about 13 and they were deported. My father's name was Adalbert [Bumi].
I don't know their names for my late father never told me. If you know about their fate please mail me or call 972 52 4459494. katzpmn@zahav.net.il

Karl-Heinz Sperling - Hamburg, Germany
 --  11/5/2005

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,

I´m searching for Persons of the Family WEINBERG from Oberstein (today Idar-Oberstein- Germany). If you have any informations about Jews from OBERSTEIN, please write to me. Very interesting would be information about:
Max Weinberg 31.05.1901, Herbert Weinberg 15.06.00, brothers; and also about their parents. Israel Weinberg, Eugene Weinberg (Levy)
Max and Herbert had sister named Irma Weinberg If somebody has information about these people or any information about Jewish people from the city of Oberstein, it would be a pleasure to talk to you.

God Bless you all -
Karl-Heinz Sperling


Tonia Judith Leon - Huntington, New York, USA
 --  10/30/2005

My beloved maternal grandmother, Malka Baum, came from Oradea to NYC in the 1880's. I am already 60, but as time passes I have greater and greater desire to know about her heritage and connect with her birth place.

I have a doctorate in Spanish and Latin American literature and Civilization and currently work parttime training English as a Second Language teachers as well as foreign language teachers for New York University.

Is there someone from the Jewish Community of Oradea who would like to correspond with me?

Best wishes and shalom,

Tonia J. Leon, Ph.D.

Radu Stern - St. Legier, Switzerland
 --  10/22/2005

Dear Forum Readers,

I am looking for information about the Stern family of Oradea and Beius. I am the son of Nicolae (Miklosz, Miszu) Stern, who was the son of Martin Stern and Margit, née Schwimmer. After the death of my grandfather Martin Stern, she married Aladar Herczed. I know that a brother of Martin Stern called Joseph (?) emigrated to Montevideo, Uruguay.

Radu Stern

Magda Varkas - Croatia
 --  9/13/2005

I accidently read your message, I was surprised to see my surname,s o I just wanted to say that you may have relatives in Croatia. My dad`s family is from a small place called Zagvozd, but we are not Jewish. The message is for Yoyce-Hana.

Julika Komlosi - Antwerp, Belgium  --  8/24/2005

kedves tibi,
a mik csaladi nevünk komlosi; laktunk a Colonel buzoinau ucan 10 alat. a batjam neve miki szuletet 1947 es ö is a gojduba jart iskolaba. egyut Fleischer Gyurivall, Tomi Schreier stb es volt nekik egy music bank, Miki dobolt es harmonikazot; en szinten 1951 szuletem es a nevem mi kivandoroltunk Mi a csaladi neved? az en apam neve volt sokan 0smertek. Kivancsi vagyok hogy ebresztetem bened valami emlekeket sok udvozlet julika ha akarsz kapcsolatba joni, az en emailem

Alain Pajor - Pars, France
 --  8/21/2005

Does anyone here remember or can give me information concerning the family of my father Ernö Pajor born in Salonta in August 1906?  His father was Zsigmong Pajor and his mother Irma Stern. I know nothing about them. My father was living in Oradea with his uncle. Coming back from the camp, he did not find anybody after the war and went to live in France.


Leslie Weinberg - Great Neck, NY, US
 --  8/19/2005

Trying to find some trace of my grandmother's family. Rojie, nee Reiss (Reisz) born Nagyvarad, married name unknown, and two daughters Paula and Elvira. Also searching for information on Grandma's brother Erno Reiss.


Kedves Varadiak! Szivesen fel vesszem a kapcsolatot mind azokal akik ismertek.1948 szulettem Margittan,1952 ota loktam Varadon a Portile de Feir Utcan (volt Uri Utca, Jozsef Atila Utca, stb). A Gojdu-ba tanultam. 1970 ota elek Izraelben.

Oszintan sajnaltam hogy nem jott ossze a talalkozo amit sokan kozulunk vartunk. Remelhetoleg sikerulni fog rovidesen letre hozni a talalkozot. Az evek tel nek es sajnos rikkulnak a mi soraink is.......

Udvozlok minden varadit a minnel hamarabi viszonlatasig........


Eric Friedman - Washington DC USA
 --  7/6/2005

Does anyone here remember Emanuel Gutfried and his wife Sara Blau? They lived in Oradea and attended the smaller of the two Orthodox synagogues in town. They owned a liquor distribution business, and had 2 daughters.

Their elder daughter Hani (b. 1905), married the physician Bernat Stein and they had 2 sons Peter (b. 1932) & Andrew (b. 1939). They all perished in Auschwitz, except for Bernat Stein, who emigrated to Israel after the War.

Their younger daughter Leah/Ibolya (b.1908) was my paternal grandmother - she was working in France when the War broke out and, with her husband Lajos Friedman (my grandfather - from Nagykaroly), worked in hiding with the resistance in Provence, helping to smuggle Jewish children out of Nazi-occupied Europe. They stayed on in France after the War and then emigrated to the US in 1947 with my father Frank (who was born in France in 1941).

My paternal grandfather's (Lajos Friedman) parents Ignac Friedman and Cecilia Spira lived in Galszecs and then in Nagykaroly, where they had a warehouse & beer distribution business. They perished at Auschwitz as well.

Does anyone here remember any of these people? I'd be grateful for any information you might have.

Thanks so much,
Eric Friedman
Washington, DC

Bela Mihalik - Budapest, Hungary  --  6/29/2005

I happened to find this website. If anybody related to the Stern, Kurtag, Kallos or Weisz families of Nagyvarad, Lugos, Arad or Bekescsaba, please send me email. My ancestor was Rosalia Kurtag, lived in Bekescsaba and Lugos. Her relatives lived in Oradea also, had a cafee.

Bela Vilmos Mihalik

Tommy Sharir (Schreier) - Toronto Canada  --  6/27/2005

Dear Mr. Lempert,

As I promised (although with some delay) here is the information I could get from my father about the construction of the memorial monument of the Oradea Deportees. The construction of the Monument was initiated and finaced by the J.N.S. (Zsido Nemzeti Szovetseg) who collected the funds from local and U.S.donations. Construction started in the spring of 1947 and was completed by fall of 1947. All the stones originated from a stone quarry near Cluj (Kolosvar) and were transported to Oradea by train. The memorial stone (black Italian granite) was purchased from a Jewish stonemason from Satu Mare/Szatmar.

The text on the black granite was engraved by another Jewish stonemason by the name of Weiss Geza. As I mentioned before the architect of the monument was Kallay Laszlo (a very decent gentile man whom I personaly knew in my childhood) and the builder was my father Schreier Geza. At the completion of work, my father was paid cash. (There were no cheques available at the time.) Two days later the currency was devaluated and he was left with 160.00 Lei. He was so upset that he burned it all. So as you can read it was not a very happy ending but the memorial is still there and let us hope that it will be there for generations to come as a reminder of the dark days in the history of a wonderful Jewish community. Please do not hesitate to contact me for any additional information.

Warmest regards
Tommy Sharir (Schreier)
My home email: tsharir@sympatico.ca
Buss. email: boutiquedita@rogers.com


Do you know anything about the Hitter Family? Quite a big family that lived in Oradea. We all were deported to Auschwitz. I left for England in 1945 and now live in Belgium. Have succeeded to build up a nice family with 3 children and 8 grandchildren. Am retired now.

Hoping to hear from you.
Kind regards,
E. Hitter

Grand Rabbin Gutman - Strasbourg, France  --  6/22/2005

ma mčre vivant en israel ,née evelyn leimsieder, fille du h'azan getzel leimsieder, déporté de Oradéa avec son épouse et leurs enfants,cerche deux témoins ayant le souvenir de son pčre.il avait aussi une petite fabrique de tricotterie.


If you want to know more about your Jewishness and Jewish tradition you can go to Google Web site Judaism101  Hebrew Language. You can find what you want to know about traditions and all the Jewish laws.  You can contact me, verahecht@aol.com  I came to the USA in 1964 from Oradea.

Julika Komlosi - Antwerp, Belgium
 --  6/4/2005

I was born in 1951 in Oradea. My parents' names were Komlosi Gheorghe and Grosz Livia (born in Beznea). My brother's name is Miki, born in 1947. We were living in Colonel Buzoianustreet nr 10. In 1965 we emigrated to Antwerp, Belgium. Does anyone remember us? Has anyone heard of my friend Dita Freund who left Romania I think in 1963 and lives in Israel? Or anyone else who went to school with us or lived in the same street where many Jewish families lived? I really hope to hear from someone. You can always reach me on email: danastranders@gmail.com


 --  5/30/2005

Eloszor udvozlom a Lempert es Mozes csaladot akik az uj emlek mu megszervezese. Kedves Varadi baratok ha akarjatok felveni a kapcsolatot acimem:fordia@013.net.il. En Israelbe vagyok 1964 ota es Rishon Le Zion str.Zalman Shazar 33 lakok. Udvozlok mind a Varadiakat.

Furedi Alex (Nano)

Grunfeld Jean - Kibbutz Yagur Israel
 --  5/27/2005


Je suis depuis longtemps a la recherche de ma Famille qui a vecu a oradea. Mon grand-pere Aaron Grunfeld marie a Amalia Weiss ont eu 5 enfants dont: Elisabth decedee dans les annees 30, Alexcendre mort pour la patrie 1ere guerre, Ladislas venu en France en 47 decede, Emeric ne en1911 venu en France en 34-35, Irene mariee a oradea en 38 mariee a Alexcendre ont eu une Fille Veronique portes disparu en deportation mon pere venu en France dans les annees 20 etait chirurgien decede en 49. Si vous pouvez avoir des renseignements qui pourrait m'etre utile a mes recherches, je vous en remercie d'avance. mon mail est : garin_jonathan@yahoo.fr

Dorothy Balkin Bernstein - Delray Beach, Florida, USA
 --  5/13/2005

My maternal grandfather, Ignatz Gluck, born in ErMihfalfah and to the best of my knowledge was the only one of his 8 other brothers or sisters who emigrated. I would be interested in finding offspring of his brothers/sisters: Regina, Lina, Adolf, Carl, Aron, Johanna, Ester and the last child, Henry, born after the death of his father Henry. I will be at the Las Vegas Convention hope to see you there.

Mircea Wolosen - Dallas, TX
 --  5/3/2005

I was born in Valea lui MIhai on the border. My grandfather's house was 200 meters from it. It is interesting to see how some will blame the Romanians for what happened in Valea, Oradea. Who sent the Jews to the gas chamber??

Looking to meet somebody from Ermihaifalva.

Sheldon Bronstein - France - Bucharest (RO)
 --  4/7/2005

Well, it's true Romanians were the most antisemitic people in Europe until the end of WW2, but in the meantime they radically changed their minds. I don't understand, though, why Jews born in Romania should feel any Romanian roots, since they were denied anything from Romanian language to Romanian citizenship. Very strange. It's my 3rd year in Bucharest, and I haven't suffered from discrimination. It would be worse in a country with Jews, such as France. Jews disappeared, but Israelis exist now, and there is a large Israeli community in the capital. Hebrew is replacing Yiddish with remaining pieces scattered around the country.
Good luck to all!

Ivan Szekely - Hungary
 --  4/7/2005

My name is Ivan Szekely (Spitzer). To the best of my knowledge my grandparents lived in Oradea at the beginning the last century (about 1910). Their names were Hajnal Lajos, and Gerber Irma. Should anybody have any information about this family, please let me know.

Anamaria Bogdan - Oradea, Romania
 --  4/5/2005

I'm very happy to view this page. I know that in my heart I am a jewish too but I don't know how to prove it. I love and I respect all the traditions and Jewish people. I would be very glad to have someone to speak with about this.

lisa - Oradea, Romania
 --  4/31/2005

Dear Mr. Lempert,

Maybe I'm the only non-Jewish person in here. I read about this site, in a local newspaper, and I decided to open it and to write some words. Congratulations, it is a very interesting web site. It is very important for your community and for our city, too. There are many citizens who don t know about the great contribution the Jewish community had in the construction of the Oradea city. I finished last year my studies and my work diploma theme was about the Jewish people, from Bihor county. I was very surprised how much they work for the developement of our city...at the economy, culture, education etc.

It is very good to build a new memorial, and to build a museum, too. The Jewish community from Oradea has many things to show. It is important for our citizens to know more about Jewish people, and their contribution.

There are people in Oradea who love you!

Best regards,

P.S. Please excuse me my English.

Gregory Komlosi - Antwerp, Belgium and Montreal, Canada
 --  3/21/2005

My father (Miki Komlosi) was born in Oradea in 1947 and grew up there until 1965, the year he moved to Antwerp, Belgium.

Does anybody remember him or sister Julianna (Julika), please contact me: g_komlosi@yahoo.co.uk

Miriam Landa (Katz) - Springfield,NJ and West Palm Beach,Fl.
 --  2/27/2005

I was born in Oradea, deported from the ghetto with my extended family; parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, grandmother. My sister Magda and brother Laczi survived. We left Oradea in 1964 with my husband Eugene Landa (born in Mihhalyfalva) and my son Peter (5 years old at the time). In the USA we joined Bnei Zion Oradea Chapter. My proposal for the memorial is that it should be erected in Israel. My reason is that my generation has too many painful memories from Oradea to be able to go back there and we are getting on with age and traveling is not easy. I understand the younger generation born after the WWII, they must have different experiences. Anyway you decide, we would like to help your forum.

Susan Geroe - San Diego, CA  --  2/24/2005

This is in response to the posting of Joyce - Hana, Maui, Hawai'i -- 2/8/2005

A good place to start your reseach would be the Jewish Genealogy website at www.jewishgen.org - where you could search through a comprehensive data base of names and places.

For starters, I believe you mean that your mother and grandmother were born in "Szilagy megye", today the county of Salaj in Romania - not far from Oradea. Your grandfather was probably born in Nagyercse, a smaller town near Nagykanizsa, Hungary.

Aloha and good luck in your family research!


Susan Geroe - San Diego, CA  --  2/23/2005

This answer is to the posting by Leveque Elisabeth - Marseille, France -- 1/28/2005

Il y a plusieurs noms Farkas Mihaly sur la liste des victimes de la déportation d'Oradea. Un de ces noms est suivi de Farkas Regina, née Lindenfeld. De męme, on y trouve deux Fenichel; l'un, F. Salamon et l'autre, F. Rozsi, née Fried.

Il y avait deux frčres Fenichel qui habitaient Oradea aprčs la guerre - ils ont émigré en Israel.

Nos sincčres condoléances pour votre grand-mčre.

Luis Bekes - Acassuso, Buenos Aires, Argentina  --  2/12/2005

I am looking for information about my aunt, Reichman Sandorne, borned in Oradea in 1919 as Bekes Margit (Gita). At the time of deportation she was living in Kagya, a little village near Oradea. She was killed in 1945 in a concentration camp whose name I don't know. I was born in Argentina in 1949, so I never met her but I want to pay homage to her. Could anyone help me?

Joyce - Hana, Maui, Hawai'i  --  2/8/2005

My grandmother (and mother ) was born in Silimeghu and my grandfather in Nagyercsy. Is that near Oradea? In 1921 they left for America. My mother is still alive but does not remember much and the rest of her immediate Hungarian-Jewish family has passed. My grandmother's family name was Varkas, and my grandfather's Sternberg (though my mother says it was a longer name before coming to the U.S.A.  Any info on the area would be great!
Joyce in Hana

Leveque Elisabeth - Marseille, France
 --  1/28/2005

Je recherche des informations sur mes arričre-grands parents farkas regina et mihaly et les famille fénichel de nagyvarad.ma grand-mčre derničre enfant de le famille (qui en comptait 10 ) vient de mourir.


Ernest Sternberg - Buffalo, New York  --  1/21/2005

It's sad but necessary to be reminded of the terrible history of Nagyvaradi Jews. I myself was born there in 1953, but raised in Mihayfalva, until our emigration to the US in 1963. My mother's family was the Katz family, led by my grandfather Pesach. He and my grandmother perished in the Holocaust, but my mother, her sister Manci (living in Florida and New Jersey) and their brother Lacz survived. Many, many others were lost. My father met my mother while she was recuperating after the war; she had typhoid fever and gangrene, which led to the amputation of her toes on one foot. Nonetheless, she and my father, Sandor, tailor in MIyafalva, survived and prospered and raised my brother and me in New York City. It's only now in my adulthood that I can begin to appreciate their strength and courage. It is indeed fine that a memorial is being established, though perhaps it would be more proper to have our martyrs' memory be located in Israel, where their legacy should strengthen the land and teach the generations.



Viktor Merker - Budapest, Hungary  --  1/18/2005

My mother, Vera Lempert was born in Moisei (Mojszin) and most of her family came from Poeni de sub Munte (Havasmezo) or Sighet (fam. Markovits and Fuchs). Am I relative of the Lemperts of Nagyvarad or not. MV.


Ovidiu Caba - Oradea, Romania  --  1/5/2005

Dear Erwin, my parents were born in Beznea, I also find the list with your family deported to Auschwitz ( http://www.jewishgen.org/yizkor/oradea/oradea389.html ). Maybe my grandparents know something about your family. I suppose that because my grandfather told me a few years ago that he has a lot of Jewish friends. I don't know whether I can help you with something or not, I do not have any documents about deported Jews, but if you think that I can help you in some way, feel free to email me at: older_ovello@yahoo.com. Good luck and Happy new year!


Vera Hecht - Brooklyn, NY 11220  --  12/19/200

This message is for Alex Borla from Camarello, CA. Please call your friend Landa Jeno 561-478-0968.  They would like to talk to you.  I am also from Ermihalfalva.  I remember you and your parents. 

Best regards,



Hecht (Salomon) Vera - Brooklyn, NY 11220  --  12/6/2004

I was born in Valea Lui Mihai emigrated to the USA in 1964. Nice to see a web site like this. Keep up the good work.



Susan Geroe - San Diego, CA, USA  --  12/6/2004

You could contact the Jewish Community in Oradea, (Comunitatea Evreiasca, Str. Mihai Viteazul Nr.4, 3700 Oradea, Romania) and ask if they have the records or any other suggestions they could give you for your research.

Good luck,
Susan Geroe


Judit (Jutka) Hrsch (born Hercz) - Eidsvoll, Norway  --  11/27/2004

I was born in Oradea 1951, and lived in Teleki (Visjinskij) street. In my class there were several Jewish pupils, Rosenfeld Jutka; my friend's name was Pollack (don`t remeber the first name) Peter Friedman, he and his brother and parents emigrated to Israel n 1965, at the same time as we emigrated to Norway. My uncle, the brother of my father, came to Norway as a refugee after the concentration camp. I came to Norway with my parents, John (Jancsi) and Lilly Hercz.

I was back in Oradea only once, in 1986. I didn't meet any of my Jewish class mates, only some of the Hungarian and Romanian friends. My relatives on my mother side, the Seidman family, are in Israel.

I am very interested in the project to inform the youth in Oradea today about the Jewish life in the city in older times. I spoke with my aunt in Israel and we both would like to come to Oradea in May 2005 to the meeting.

Best regards


Eidsvoll, Norway
e-mail: l-hi@online.no


Eva Markovts -Nashville,Ten.  --  11/21/2004

Eva, by any chance, did you live in your early childhood in Carei, Nagykaroly, and were you related to the Guttman family? Also, I knew Blum Zsuzsi, did she survived the war? Agi Grossinger, San Jose, Ca


Suzanne Marshak - Morton Grove, IL 60053 USA  --  11/17/2004

My parents were born in Oradea. I would like to know if anyone knew my relatives. My mother was born as Sidonie Bleich in 1903; her father was Maurice Bleich. Does any one know them? I am the only survivor on that side.

My father was Laci Rosenbaum, born 1899. I would like to know if any one knew the Gertner family who were related to my father. Clara, Serena, Eva. The son of Clara was little Laci; I do not know the year he was born. Thank you for your help.


Ezra Perlmuter - Skokie, IL  --  11/9/2004

I am trying to help somebody find out information regarding their grandmother. The Grandmother's name is ANNA REVESZ and she was from NAGYVARAD. You can email label51@hotmail.com if you have any information.


Tommy Sharir (Schreier) - Toronto, Canada  --  10/28/2004

Dear Mr. Lempert
I found out about this wonderful project today by coincidence and will support it. My name is Tommy Sharir born (Schreier) in Oradea (1947), immigeated to Israel in 1964, then to Toronto, Canada, in 1975. Regarding the monument for Oradea's deportees, I would like to add that this monument was designed by an architect from Oradea, Kallay Laszlo, and it was built by my father Schreier Geza. (He is well and lives in Toronto.) I would love to hear from anybody that remembers me.

Tommy S.
tsharir@sympatico.ca or boutiquedita@bellnet.ca


Eugen Katz - Brooklyn, NY, USA  --  10/19/2004

I was born there in Nagyvarad but lived in Ermihalyfalva until the age of 11 when we immigrated here to USA. Nice to see a site like this.


Ernest Reich - Brooklyn, NY, USA  --  10/19/2004

I am happy to find this website. My family was deported from Oradea to Auschwitz in May 1944. The more I read, the more I become incensed about how antisemitic both the Hungarians and Romanians were. I don't believe we should spend a penny in Romania. You want a memorial for the Jews of Oradea? Make it here in this great country of USA not in the graveyard of Romania. Thank you.


Jutka Farkas di Pietro - Montreal, Canada  --  10/15/2004

Dear Norbert,
I would like to thank you and your committee for all the wonderful work you are doing to preserve the memory of the Oradea Jewish Community and also to congratulate you on your achievements to date. It warms my heart to think that there exists such a memorial. When I received your e-mail today, many thoughts occurred to me, amongst them a concern about how our children and our children's children should be able to get involved in preserving the memory. The Jewish community in Nagyvarad is getting smaller and smaller, and some continuity could be ensured only if our children could somehow also participate in all this. Unfortunately, I do not have any concrete ideas, but I strongly feel that in order to have some continuity, our children should be involved as well. Perhaps a reunion where documentaries, speakers could be presented, so that our children could have some kind of direct connection. I don't know how you feel about this, whether you or Susan, Anna or Bernadette would have some ideas. I just wanted to share my thoughts and see how everyone reacts to the idea.

Once again so many thanks for your wonderful work to honour and preserve the memory of our Beloved.

Jutka Farkas di Pietro


Erika Pollak (Busuioc) - Tel Aviv, Israel  --  10/9/2004

As a native of Oradea I am so moved to find these kind of people really concerned about the past and future of the Jewish community living there. As a history student I can only say "Kol Hakavod!!!!"


Morty - Hadera, Israel  --  8/28/2004

Nice work! I enjoyed the site greatly.


Katz Nachum - Hadera, Israel  --  8/28/2004

How can I possibly find the people who were burried in Venence cemetery around 1917?
Best regards, Erwin A. Reich


Erwin A. Reich -Stamford, CT, 06906  --  7/18/2004

I was very pleased to find out that a foundation dedicated to Oradea is located in my hometown of Stamford, CT. My e-mail is reichea@optonline.net. I would be pleased to volunteer my time and efforts to contribute in any way I can to this wonderful foundation. I was born in 1948 in the small town of Bratca, half way betweem Oradea and Cluj (Koloszvar), lived in Cluj from 1954-1961 and emigrated to the USA in 1962.

My father, Josif (Joszef) Reich was born in Beznea (a small village near Bratca), and his family and extended family came from nearby villages and towns of Bratca, Beznea, and Feketepatak.

My father z"l, who passed away 1971 was in forced labor camp in Hungary and barely survived the war, after liberation from Mathausen (Grusskirchen) in Austria. His first wife and entire family except 2 nieces perished in Auschwitz. My mother, Esther Reich was born in Cluj, only she and 1 brother from an extended family survived from Auschwitz , and lives in Brooklyn, NY.

The connection to Oradea is the fact that in 1944 all the Jews from the Oradea region in Bihor county were taken to the Oradea ghetto and then deported to Auschwitz. I found my father's family members on a list of Jews deported from the Oradea (Nagyvarod) ghetto. I learned however from this website, that there were 2 ghettos set up in Oradea, the main one which had 27,000 people and the second one which had 8,000 people set up for the Jews from the provinces. If anyone out there can refer me to documents, books, or anything written, or contacts of people who may have known about the Reich family from Beznea, I would appreciate being contacted by e-mail at reichea@optonline.

I have now added this website to my favortes list and will periodically check to see how I can contibute to your efforts. Keep up the good work!

Best regards, Erwin A. Reich


Tomi Kovari  --  Jerusalem, Israel  --  5/13/2004

a young Jewish boy, born and raised in Oradea, and as a "local patriot," it makes me very glad to see how many people care about our Jewish community and its memories.

I made aliyah in 2002 with big plans regarding my ideals and my life, right after graduating the "Emanuil Gojdu" high school, dreaming that someday I'll be a doctor, like my parents -- but here in Israel.

A short time before I made aliyah, I met Mr. Lempert in Oradea and I was surprised that people from so far away, want to help to preserve the memory of our beloved brothers and sisters who died in WWII, and want to show to the people of Oradea and to the rest of us also, what the Jewish community was some time ago. The ideas, the dreams, the projects are beautiful and needed. I wish we all could help in as many ways as possible to make these projects happen, so that we'll be able to show our kids and families in the future, what was, where was and "who" was Grosswardein.

There is always the danger that someday the "gates will close" in the community and all that will remain from the Jewish memory of this city will be the lonely buildings. I really don't want this to happen... I hope people will not forget these memories ever.

Tomi Kovari


Yisroel Green  --  Fort Lauderdale , Florida , U.S.A.  --  2/23/2004

I recently found out about this web site and as a former native of Oradea was glad that the Lempert Family Foundation has undertaken this project. Do you plan to do something this summer to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Ghetto and the deportation of the Jewish community? Since I was part of this as a teenager, I would be interested in making the trip. Please be so kind to E-mail back to me your plans. Best wishes, I will keep watching your Web Site and thank you for starting this project. Y.Green


Tiberiu Weisz  --  NY, NY, USA  --  1/25/2004

I was born in 1949 in Oradea and left with my parents, Solomon and Ibi, in 1964. I live in NY with my wife, Agi Gross who is also from Oradea and left in 1965. Both of us went to Gojdu.

I think my father and your father, Robert, were co-workers.

We would like to participate in this project. and hear from anyone else from the area.

We will be in Israel next month (February 2004).

We know about the reunion in 2005 and we will try to attend.



I was one of the first ones to leave Oradea with my parents in April 1960 and we came to Brazil where my father had already two brothers.
I had a very happy childhood in Oradea and had many friends. As many of us did I also went to "MACA NENI'S" dance classes. I live in Săo Paulo, am married, have 3 sons and 2 daughters in law and have returned several times with my husband and sons to Oradea and still have relatives there. In 2000 I went to Israel for the meeting which was very emotional and I think that this new project will be fantastic. Thanks to the friends who send me news about Oradea and the Oradeans.
Mariana Cohn


Eva Markovits  --  Nashville,Tenn. USA  --  1/20/2004

Dear Mr. Lempert,
Could you tell me more about your project since I spoke to you last December. Please do not hesitate to call. I have found some Oradeans who know me but I did not know them at the time.

Eva Markovits

Father, Bela Markovits, ran the dry goods store on Main street. His father ran the Mill. I went to the Notre Dame Sisters Lycee and was friends with Eva Heiman, Susan Bloom and Agatha Lautman and others who went to the Japort Cukrasda.

Thank you very much.


Gabor Weiner  --  Los Angeles CA, USA  --  1/5/2004

It was a joy to receive a letter from the Lempert Family Foundation addressed to my Mother Catherine Weiner. My Family and I left Nagyvarad for Los Angeles in 1964. I was 10 years old. I was born in Salonta and shortly thereafter we moved to the city of Nagyvarad. My mother is reaching the end of her life and my Father Emerick (Imre)died over 3 years ago. I visited my old home last year and the reunion would be a great idea. Please let me know how I might help. I am glad I received the greetings from the Lempert Family Foundation and to find a group of people from my past life. Gabor Weiner. GaryOW@msn.com


Evelyn Markovits  --  Nashville TN  --  1/4/2004


DRAGAM Oh It has been so many years since I have talked about you and our friendship to my family and I wish you would to call me (615) 646-3242 immediately because I can call you right back and talk to you. I hope you are in good health -- I will tell you everything when I hear from you. You have my address. I live in a big house in Tennessee -- please write as soon as possble.


Lia Chesner (ne Stern)  --  Ohio, USA  --  12/14/2003

I am originally from Szilagy Somlo, Simleu Silvaie in Romanian. Those of you from the "neighborhood" will know where that is. I am looking to establish contact with others from that lovely city.

I can be reached at Liachka_2002@yahoo.com

And to the Lempert Foundation, keep up the good work of your project!



Matthew (Matyi) Roth  --  Staten Island, (NY), USA  --  12/14/2003

I am also a child of Oradea, born there in 1948, and lived there until 1965. My memories of growing up are very happy, lots of friends, and I'm also grateful for the wonderful education I received in Oradea (10 years in Gojdu), that truly gave me a good foundation for later on in life. A couple of months ago I spent some time again in Oradea at a friend's house, someone I hadn't seen in 38 years; and, after that, I was also reunited with some dear old friends in Israel. Needless to say, it was very emotional. I had been back there once with my wife and daughter during the Ceausescu years, just to show them where I was born. This time I looked at the once gorgeous city, and was overwhelmed by a host of mixed feelings. I suddenly was hit by how profoundly we, our generation, was also impacted by the Holocaust. Growing up as a Jew it was "normal" that we didn't have older siblings. It was "normal" that none of us had grandparents. Our parents couldn't really say that all these people were murdered. That would have been too painful. The euphemism they used was that they were deported (el voltak deportalva). We, as children, that's all we knew. Now I realize the extent of the calamity that took place, and I'm very grateful to the Lempert Family Foundation, for the work being done to memorialize the victims. We owe the victims. The way to pay this debt is to live happy, fulfilled lives. To show that their deaths were not in vain, that we will never forget. We do need to educate the present day Oradeans, to have them look at the beautiful architecture, at the history of the city, and to understand and appreciate the immense contribution that was made by its Jewish citizens. I'm very proud to say that you could make the argument that economically, artistically, culturally, Oradea was very much a Jewish city. We should all(Christian, Roma, Jew) learn from history, and that'll benefit everybody. Let's all be in touch, and look forward to a great party, May, 2005. Warm regards, and happy new year to you all, Matyi.
P.S. Special thanks to Peter(Reuven) Weisz for telling me about the Foundation's work.
P.P.S. I noticed the name Peter Stern, among the Oradeans contributing to the Foundations work. Is his father Stern Gyuri bacsi? If so, and if he remembers me, please get in touch.
Matthew Roth
595 Johnston Terrace
Staten Island, NY 10309


Bandi Goldman  --  12/13/2003

I received today through my son-in-law your interesting letter and because I don't know whom to respond, I do so to everyone.
I've been to Oradea this past May with my wife Hedi, daughter Anna, and my son-in-law and we saw among other things the monument in the courtyard of the Orthodox synagogue and the former Jewish school in its neglected state. We were also in the Cion Temple and saw its deplorable state, hardly standing. We visited the Mozes family and were really impressed by how extraordinary they are and the literary activities they undertake to this day. Our visit lasted only for a day and a half, but the memories really stirred me up. Way back, we used to live on Lakatos Street, from where you can now see the new Continental Hotel.

I will gladly participate in the projects, according to my modest means and am looking forward to your further emails - in Hungarian, Spanish, Romanian, or English. Now I wrote in Hungarian because it goes faster.

Thank you for the good wishes, I reciprocate them with love.......

Original Hungarian: Ma kaptam meg az alanti erdekes levelet a vom jovoltabol es mert nem tudom kinek valaszoljak: mindenkinek kuldom akinek a cime szerepel. Ezev majusaban ott voltunk Varadon : felesegam Hedi, a lanyom Anna, a vom es jomagam(valaha Goldman Bandi voltam) es modunkba volt latni tobbek kozott a monumentumot az othodox tempom es volt zsido gimnazium udvaran es az elhanyagolt allapotot amibe van. Termeszetesen voltunk a Cion templomba is es lattuk mennyire rosz allapotba van, eppen, hogy meg all... Akiket kulon meglatogattunk a Mozesek es igazan meg voltunk kellemesen lepve milyen kulonleges emberek es milyen irodalmi tevekenyseget fejtenek ki a mai napig.. Sokat nem voltunk ott, osszesen masfel napig de mondhatom nagyon felkavartak az emlekek...Valaha a Lakatos uccan laktunk az uj Continental szalloda odalatszik.

Szivesen fogok resztvenni a tervekben - szereny lehetosegimhez kepest - es orommel fogom olvasni tovabbi e-maileteket magyarul, spanyolul, romanul ,vagy angolul - egyelore magyarul irtam, mert ez hamarabb megy.

Koszonve a jokivansagaitokat szeretettel viszonzom: Shana Tova, La multi ani, BUEK, egeszsegben es BEKEben.

Szeretettel udvozol


Peter Biro  --  Zurich, Switzerland  --  12/13/2003

I was born in Oradea in 1956 and lived there until 1970. I emigrated with my parents to Germany in 1970, just as many others who have posted their messages here. At many occasions I have visited our hometown during the past three decades and I could see how the traces of its glorious Jewish past have slowly vanished. Not only in physical terms but even more in the minds of the people. Today's inhabitants don't have even a glimpse of an idea about what a vibrant and brilliant intellectual life there was before the Holocaust. As in many parts of Europe, the lack of a relevant Jewish component in economic and cultural life leads to boring mediocrity. That's what Oradea is looking like more and more. There is absolutely no chance to reestablish even a fraction of what was there the past, but one can remind the people about what they have lost. I'm afraid this is the only thing that can be done. Maybe the 2005 spring meeting will be such a reminder as well. I hope it will come true. Good luck and thanks for the efforts. Peter: pbiro@freesurf.ch


Agi Grossinger  --  San Jose, Ca, USA  --  12/11/2003

I am searching for Eva Markovits from Oradea. If anybody knows about her whereabouts, please let me know. My E-mail is agigro@webtv.net


Alex Borla  --  Camarillo, Ca, USA  --  12/9/2003

I was born in Mihalyfalva, my parents and grandparents were deported from the Ghetto in Oradea. I have spent many memorable times in Oradea as a child and I am grateful for your efforts to preserve what was so great and is so dear. I return to Oradea and Mihalyfalva every year and would like to know you.



Moshe Shavit  --  Israel  --  12/9/2003


I am a relative of the Weinberger family who had a fish-factory in Oradea before the war. Most of the family perished in the Holocaust. Of the three who survived, Lani lives in Europe (most of her children and grandchildren live in Israel), Jacob and Dudi in Israel. Jacob's children and grandchildren live in Israel, Dudi's ones are scattered around the globe.

AFAIK none of them is connected to the 'net.

I can be reached by private email at sabamoshe@hotmail.com

Moshe Shavit


Robert G. Csillag  --  Newton Centre, MA, USA  --  12/8/2003

I left Nagyvarad in 1961 at the age of 13 along with my mother and father. During the past 42 years I have had very little contact with members of our community but the present projetct caught my attention and I think that it will be a monumental success. Our Community should not be forgotten and the present population, both Jewish and Gentile, has to be educated about the contributions that our community made over the years. We emigrated from Romania because we had to in order to improve our future; most of our families would have stayed had circumstances been different. Please keep us informed of all future plans!


A. Tom Grunfeld  --  NY, NY, USA  --  12/8/2003

I am delighted to find this sight.

I was born at the Jewish Hospital in Oradea in November 1946 although I lived in Ermihalyfalva and Temesvar before my mother and I left for Israel in 1950.

It was also from the Oradea ghetto that my father's family was shipped to the death camps; only he came back alive.

I have been back there several times, including a visit to the hospital with my mother in January 2002. I am currently working with my lantsman from Ermihalyfalva to preserve the Jewish cemetery there as well as renovating the last remaining synagogue. In a way, these will be our memorials to our forefathers.

I will be returning to Translyvania soon - and many times more I hope - and would like to help your projects in any way I can.

You are doing important work and I congratulate you for it.


Jayne  --  Kew Gardens Hills, NY, USA  --  12/8/2003

My grandfather was born in Nagyvarad in 1868. His last name was originally Friedmann but later changed to Tolnai. He was the owner/publisher of Tolnai Vilaglapja and many other books, lexicons, magazines etc. He was one of 7 children, all sisters, all of whom survived into adulthood. Have found family members living in the US but not sure what happened to those not found.


Suzy Peltz Farkas  --  Milwaukee, WI, USA  --  12/6/2003

I am looking for any connections of my mother's family from Oradea.
Rozie Abraham - born 1921 - in Oradea
Father: Bernard Abraham
Mother: Esther Abraham


Louis Guttman, (Lajcsi)  --  Staten Island, NY, USA  --  12/4/2003

I have just recently become aware of your initiatives, and the cause is absolutely superb. Oradea was my home town between 1954-1966 and both of my parents were among the fortunate 10% of survivors to return from the camps. In 1966 they made the journey to NY and began a new life, starting over at an age when most people are already planning their retirement. This unselfish and altruistic action brought a new life with opportunities to their 12 year old son, who is now a successful business man in NY. I am so very proud of what my parents went through to make this sacrifice. They did what many thousands of Jewish families did during the early 60's.

What a strong family and vibrant community we once were in Oradea! Now we are spread across the entire globe with successful and proud individuals who will never forget their roots and hopefully will let the world know the real truth of history. We, "Transylvanians" have endured a great deal and made the most of what we had, which was not more than love for life and love for our families. With this, I will restate my strong commitment and I applaud the cause -- it should be even further expanded to the rest of the community and the world. If I can offer any assistance, to support these initiatives, I am available and please feel free to contact me.
I'm proud, I'm happy and will always remember!!!


Norbert Lempert  --  Stamford, CT, USA  --  12/1/2003

I think it would be absolutely wonderful to unveil the new memorial on such a significant occasion as the reunion of 2005.

Our goal is to launch a design contest in February, '04. Then pick a winning design by September. We've learned (over the last 3 years) that things happen slowly.

The more people support these efforts, the more likely it is that we can make it happen. Please let us hear from you!


Katy Sonnenstein  --  Montreal, Canada  --  10/22/2003

[from an email to Anna Hercz]

Dear Anna,

Some of us here in Montreal and in the US were dreaming about an eventual get-together in Oradea in the spring of 2005.

There would be some people able and willing to organize it, so that we may have one big party... and go down memory lane with groups or the whole gang of friends from then.

Of course it will take a lot of planning but first will spread the word and see who is able and willing to plan for it. We all think it is quite far and things can happen but it is good to look forward to such a special event.

You told me about your friend Norbert, that he is organizing to have a memorial in the Redayi park, how amazing it would be, if for its unveiling we could all be there ?! All this may just be a dream , but thought I'll write to you about it. Let me know what you think or what Norbert thinks ?!


Susan Simonovits Geroe  --  San Diego, CA, USA  --  10/21/2003

Oradea...Ord...Varad...place of my birth...
Regardless of how I refer to it, this historic city continues to hold a special spot in my heart. I would like to contribute to the shaping of its future, by helping to preserve its past, including the splendid Jewish heritage of days gone by. A combination of that heritage and the excellent schooling I received in Oradea provided me with a strong foundation upon which I was able to build my life.


Norbert Lempert  --  Stamford, CT, USA  --  10/1/2003

This Forum is a kind of meeting place for all of us with an interest in Oradea / Nagyvarad / Grosswardein. It's here to make it easy for you to post news, suggestions, comments, questions, or whatever message you'd like, to share with everyone.

Our grass roots movement aims to help preserve the heritage of the Jewish Community of the city. We want to do this in a way which honors and helps the small community there today. We want to involve people of all backgrounds and ages, to help build a better future by learning and teaching about the past.

Please share your ideas with the rest of us.



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